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New: Reader Discussion Topics

rainbow bucket

At QSF, we’re naming 2016 the Year of the Reader. We want to get more readers engaged with the site, with our book announcements, and with all the lovely writers here.

So we’ll be launching a second discussion topic each day, specifically targeted to readers of LGBT speculative fiction.

But to do so, we need your help. What do you want to talk about? Your favorite series? Favorite books in xx category? Things you love in a book? Things you hate?

Put them in the comments, and let’s fill up the bucket!

2 thoughts on “New: Reader Discussion Topics”

  1. Starting off with a charge on my hobby-horse: if you really, really want to piss me off, have all disabilities magically / technologically cured. ;)

    • I don’t think I’ve come across this one in anything I’ve read… BUT I know there are very few books that include people with a disability..


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