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ANNOUNCEMENT: Athena, by R. Cane

QSFer R. Cane has a new queer fantasy book out: Athena.

Speculative location-driven chick lit (should maybe be peoplelit)? In this novella a bright, beautiful woman visiting Provincetown, MA feels attracted to a local artist, despite being at odds with one another.

Paths continually crossing, they are compelled to puzzle through their confusing sense of familiarity with a few unusual supporters. Their truth could lead them a bit outside the norm, wandering toward speculative story telling not at all out of place for intriguing Provincetown, MA.

Flirting with romance, a little fantasy, even a bit of gender wonderment, the story of these women threatens the very fabric of genre! If one enjoys a good yarn, easily tires of cultural status quo, is fascinated by the many facets of connection – these are the underpinnings of Athena.

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She nods, mild smile. “Variety is good,” glancing my way.

How do some women put so much meaning, or intention into even an instant of eye contact, or the arch or an eyebrow? Fascinating. In this case I am probably imagining it, but I have seen this thing many times, it’s a true phenomenon. Do they teach that in girl school? Yes, I am a woman, but I did not grow up around a lot of girls or girlie things, I am hopelessly tomboyish as best. Though I do have style, and am not masculine. Androgynous, maybe? Or tomgirl, my friend Aisha insists. ‘You have the best of both!’ she often reminds me, ‘and you’re lucky! It’s way better to be a handsome woman, than a pretty man in this world!’ Truth, sadly.

While the woman talks about her trip here I am running my finger down the stem of the glass, admiring the curve of it. I do these things. I am an artist, I can’t help it. Half the time, like now, I don’t even notice. Until I see her watching. Shit. Putting my hands flat on the cool stone bar I let out a breath. I feel almost nervous though there is no reason why.

Author Bio

Life is endlessly fascinating, why not write about it?

Author Twitterhttps://twitter.com/rcanewrites


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