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ANNOUNCEMENT: Can You Hear Me, by Geonn Cannon

Can You Hear Me - Geonn Cannon

QSFer Geonn Cannon has a new FF sci fi book out:

For the next two years, Colonel Noa Laurie – the sole survivor of a disaster which destroyed the International Space Station – will be orbiting Earth in an experimental craft called ODIE. Her mission: to clear away the treacherous minefield of space junk that has accumulated around the planet and endangers future missions. Her only lifeline during this mission will be the radio connecting her to the command center and whoever happens to be assigned to the communications desk.

Or so she thinks.

Because tucked away and almost forgotten in an Indiana woodshop is an antique radio. Its owner, Jamie Faris, occasionally uses it for eavesdropping on the truckers passing by on the highway. One day in the third month of Noa’s mission, Jamie uses the radio to vent her frustrations by screaming into the ether. She screams and rages and curses into the thick static knowing it won’t matter because no one will hear, but she’s wrong… someone is definitely listening.

And she’s about to say hello.

“Missing was the drama and angst you see so often with lesbian fiction, it was just a sweet story uniquely written and thought out. Can You Hear Me is a novel about a long distance relationship like none you’ve ever seen.” -K Aten, Amazon

“There’s much I like about this tale: a woodworker plying her craft in an old Indiana farm and a pilot flying the cutting edge of space vehicles. Old tech and new tech, and a ham radio that even the smartest of inventors didn’t see breaking through his modern communications, and how an open window can change your view of the world.” – Sonja Stuart, Goodreads

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Geonn is giving away an eBook copy of Remnant Fleet with this post:

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// Mission Day 106 //
Jamie, lying on the floor with her feet in the desk chair, staring at the ceiling. “…a long road with a ditch on the left, and a row of trees. On the right, there are houses every fifty or a hundred yards. We’re not out in the middle of nowhere, but we have room to sprawl. If you go walking close to dusk, you can hear all the birds up in the trees. Sometimes you see big swarms of them take off to find somewhere else to roost. Tonight, I just stood under one of the trees for about half an hour. There must have been a thousand birds up there just screeching at each other. Cisco was going nuts.”
“I’ll bet.” Noa’s back was touching the ‘ceiling’ of her living space, her knees bent so she could keep her bare feet flat against the cool surface. “What color was the sky?”
“The same color it always is,” Jamie said.
Noa smiled. “Tell me anyway.”
“Pink and yellow where the sun was setting,” Jamie said, “and a deep blue straight up. And in the east, it was the deepest velvet purple. Like you could just reach up and run your fingers across it. My grandmother used to have a chair with a material that you could draw on. You push your finger through it and change the direction of the nap so it looks lighter. My brother and I used to squeeze behind the chair so we could draw secret pictures on it. We’d play tic-tac-toe a lot, too. It was easy to erase the board if one of us started to lose.”
“So you’re a sore loser?”
“I’m a terrible sport,” Jamie said.
“Hm,” Noa replied. It wasn’t necessarily a laugh, but there was a touch of amusement in it. She had been listening with her eyes closed, partially to envision what Jamie was telling her but also to rest. She was tired from a long, long day, but she wasn’t going to cut their day short. It was 2103, and she had another hour before she could go to bed. Jamie sounded sleepy as well. Her voice was a little rough but Noa liked it.
Jamie said, “Sorry, I got off track.”
“That’s okay,” Noa said quietly. “I like your tangents.”
“I bet you compliment all the girls’ tangents.”
Noa chuckled.
“Where was I in the story?”
“The color of the sky.”
“Right. By the time I started walking home, it was full dark. I had a flashlight. There were little frogs on the corner, and I convinced Cisco not to terrorize them. I can sort of hear them croaking right now. Can you hear them in the background?”
Noa strained hard. “I don’t think so.”
“Too bad. Maybe I can record sounds for you. Frogs. Traffic.”
“I don’t miss traffic. Besides, I’d rather hear your voice than frogs or revving engines.”
Jamie said, “You get really flirtatious when you’re sleepy.”
“Yeah. Izzat okay?”
Noa smiled. “Tell me more about the frogs.”

Author Bio

GEONN CANNON is the author of over thirty novels, including Gemini and the Golden Crown Literary Society Best Novel Award winner, Underdogs: Dogs of War, as well as Trafalgar & Boone, which was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2015. He is also the creator of Tello Films’ “Riley Parra,” starring Marem Hassler, Liz Vassey, and Marina Sirtis.

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