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Review: A Very Genre Christmas – Kim Fielding

A Very Genre Christmas - Kim Fielding

Genre: Holiday, Urban Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Very little is merry in a private dick’s world. Private detective Nick Bozic works the mean streets of 1950s Portland, Oregon, shadowing unfaithful spouses and nabbing thieving employees. He may be lonely, but at least he’s not crooked. Despite the festive season, Christmas simply means less dough in his pocket. With the holiday only a few days away, a regular client drops a new case on him: yet another being has come through the Rift and needs help finding his way home. Maybe … Read more

REVIEW: A Dragon’s Fortune – Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

A Dragon’s Fortune - Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Genre: Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book Cillian Roarke is the world’s sweetest dragon. He’s a great boss, a good person, and he spends his days making honey-glazed caramel treats in the shape of bunnies for his bakery, Honey Bunny. Still, the highlight of every day is watching the adorable college student who’s Much Too Young For Him stuff his face full of Cillian’s sweet buns. Finnick West is a college student who dreams of baked goods, much to the consternation of his figure-skating partner. She’s not offended by the temptation, but … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: A Little Fairy Dust – Mell Eight

A Little Fairy Dust - Mell Eight

QSFer Mell Eight has a new MM/MMM fantasy collection out: “A Little Fairy Dust.” And there’s a giveaway! Nine tales of magic, love, and a little fairy dust: A military posting at the Rapunzel Tower to avoid war in The Tower; a Brownie that just wants to do something right in Cleanly Wrong; a dream of love unfulfilled in A Heart’s Dream; saving the victims of an evil witch in The Red Apple Witch; a boy who just wants to go to the ball in Cinder-Elle; a cursed kingdom and search for lost love in The Curse; a thief and … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Bridge to Love – Lee Colgin

A Bridge to Love - Lee Colgin

QSFer Lee Colgin has a new MM paranormal Christmas book out: “A Bridge to Love.” And there’s a giveaway! Everyone knows a proper troll must never leave his post. Arlo is thrilled to have his own bridge to guard, though it’s a lonely job. A troll should enjoy being alone, but Arlo has never been very good at being a troll. He longs for companionship, but guards that secret like he guards his bridge. Toby, a cheerful wolf shifter, serves as a messenger between villages. When his route is suddenly blocked by a fearsome troll, he must charm his way … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Can You Hear Me, by Geonn Cannon

Can You Hear Me - Geonn Cannon

QSFer Geonn Cannon has a new FF sci fi book out: For the next two years, Colonel Noa Laurie – the sole survivor of a disaster which destroyed the International Space Station – will be orbiting Earth in an experimental craft called ODIE. Her mission: to clear away the treacherous minefield of space junk that has accumulated around the planet and endangers future missions. Her only lifeline during this mission will be the radio connecting her to the command center and whoever happens to be assigned to the communications desk. Or so she thinks. Because tucked away and almost forgotten … Read more