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ANNOUNCEMENT: Dark Blood – Matthew Dante

Dark Blood - Matthew Dante

QSFer Matthew Dante has a new gay fantasy book out: Dark Blood.

As Ethan and his mother settle into their new home, Ethan discovers that he is being hunted by a creature not of this world. A creature powered by dark magic. 

To complicate matters, Ethan has also caught the attention of Daniel; a mysterious classmate who has a dangerous secret of his own… one that involves feasting on the blood of humans and the ability to live forever. 

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As Ethan stood up, he noticed a dark figure standing across the southern side of the field. The figure did not move, he just stood there…. staring at Ethan. Ethan’s heart began to race. Someone had seen him! Ethan could not make out the features of the figure’s face as he stood too far away.

Ethan wondered how much the figure had witnessed. How could he have been so stupid? During the day! In broad daylight! Panic began to set in as Ethan tried to quickly think of how he should handle this situation. Should he try and explain to the man what he had just witnessed? Or should he just run off? Ethan had never thought of what he would do or say if someone caught him performing magic. How could he be so stupid!!

Ethan stared at the man, like a deer caught in headlights. He began to feel as though something was not quite right. The way the figure just stood there, motionless… staring at him. A shiver ran down Ethan’s spine. Ethan tried to focus on the details of the figure, and gasped as he realized that his arms and fingers were abnormally longer than they should be. The fingers reminded Ethan of long twigs attached to branches. Twigs that would reach out and grip you by the throat if given the chance. Fear and panic began to set in, as Ethan began to realize that this was not an ordinary man standing at the far end of the pasture… but something else entirely. As Ethan continued to stare, frozen in his tracks, the figure’s eyes suddenly burned red.

Ethan jumped back startled. The figure slowly began to walk towards Ethan. Ethan had enough. He turned and began to run back the way he had come across the field. His heart pounding in his chest as he began to run. He was too terrified to look behind him, for fear that the figure would be standing right behind him.

Author Bio

Matthew Dante is a Canadian indie author who loves to write about magic, fantasy, and romance. He is an avid reader, world traveler, lover of all things Marvel and DC, and a romantic at heart.
Most of his stories center around gay main characters who are usually the love interests and the heroes of these stories. He writes these novels, so that other LGBTQ people will be able to read about characters and stories that they can relate to and be proud of.

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