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ANNOUNCEMENT: feral Magic – N.R. Hairston

Feral Magic - N.R. Hairston

QSFer N.R. Hairston has a new gay fantasy romance out, World Breaker Beginnings Book 5: Feral Magic.

They live under the oppressive Nix rule. They met while trying to steal the same bag of flour. They fight together to get away. Now they’re being hunted. They’re more powerful than anyone knows. Their attraction to each other is explosive. The Nix have ruled for hundreds of years.

Tieden and Kalem broke the rules by stealing. They defeated a herd of Nix in their escape. Tieden and Kalem are Belen. The Belen are supposed to be inferior to the Nix. How could two Belen take out so many Nix? 

Now they’re a threat. The Nix want them dead. Tieden and Kalem plan on fighting until their hearts stop and their blood no longer flows. Falling in love was easy. Staying alive may be impossible.

This book is a standalone. You need absolutely no knowledge of the other books in this series to read and enjoy this one. This book contains two exuberant men who are wild and unrestrained in their attraction toward one another. 

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He flicked blond hair behind his head. Hmm. Like with my own hair, his could definitely use a good washing.

He looked me over. The heat from his gaze pooled in my stomach and I could sense he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

“No one left this flour out for me,” he said, eyes ever defiant. “My people need it, so I’ll take it now.”

He was bold. I’d give him that. But things were hardly about to work out the way he’d envisioned. He stared at me, eyes narrowed, and I knew he was sensing me out.

“So,” he said, hand still on the flour, “you’d deny my people a good meal? They’ve not eaten in days. Or is it just your people you care about? Can you imagine the painful tightening of their stomachs as you gorge yourself on sweetbreads, cakes, and rolls?”

A smile spread across my face. My heart beat faster than it ever had in my life. He was exhilarating and talking to him was euphoric.

I wanted more, so I engaged eagerly in conversation with him. “Come now,” I said. “Would you deny me food? I need it to stay living, breathing. Tell me…” I closed my eyes and the name Kalem washed over me. “Tell me, Kalem, why can’t we share?”

By this time, I was right beside him. I sniffed the air. He smelled musty and sweaty. I decided I liked that scent just fine.

When he spoke, the warmth from his breath washed over me, causing just the smallest shiver to go down my spine.

His next words were unexpected. “You may not know this, but your eyes sparkle like diamonds when you’re excited. Tell me, Tieden, what has you so riled up? Is it me?”

“Yes,” I admitted freely. I tapped a finger to my chin. “Some of it’s your eyes. They’re beautiful. Also, you have an energy about you. It calls out to something deep inside of me.”

He said nothing, but his eyes never left mine.

I threw my hands up. “Okay!” I decided to surrender. “It’s not just your eyes. Everything about you is alluring, pleasing.”

Kalem reached out. He ran a hand down my chest. His delicious touch set my skin on fire and made me hungry for more. I shivered, wanting to pull him closer, wanting him to touch me again.

Finally, he spoke. “Yes, there’s an energy between us. I feel it too, and your eyes are also beautiful. But tell me something, Tieden. Do you think your beauty is enough for me to let my people starve?”

As soon as he said it, the bag of flour under his hand disappeared. My eyes widened. “What in the Tityen! They track powers here! It’s getting dark. If they find us, you know what’ll happen.”

He looked around the woods and shrugged. “I want to fight.”

“You what?” I blinked, not sure I’d heard him correctly.

I needed to act. The Nix would be here soon. No doubt about it. Even so, my people had to eat! I put my hand on the second bag and used my power of transportation to send it back home.

Kalem looked at me, a pleased smile on his face. “Tell me, Tieden, are you in the mood to fight as much as I am? The Nix are very evil people, making us starve, refusing to let us hold jobs or make money. It’s most upsetting. Tell me, Tieden. How shall we handle the Nix when they come for us?”

I gave him an incredulous stare. “Please tell me, Kalem. Why do you want to fight so badly?” I really wanted to know.

His beautiful, golden eyes hardened. “Because I want to take a bath! I’m filthy and dirty! I’d like to fuck you, but not when I’m covered in dust and grime. Tell me, Tieden. Why do the Nix guard all the large watering spots? I’m very interested in hearing your answer.”

I looked around. “We must leave now! I know it’s doubtful, but maybe we can outrun them.”

He crossed his arms, and I let out a sigh. Apparently, he’d been serious about wanting to fight. Either that, or he was just plain crazy. Which he was not!

I answered his question. “Fish, lobster, crabs, shrimp… Need I go on? They block the water for two reasons. One, so that we can’t feed ourselves and grow stronger. Two, because how much more would our self-worth be if we were able to stay clean? What if we were able to wash ourselves, and our clothes on the regular? By keeping us dirty and starving, Sarcar and the other Nix hope to break our self-esteem. That way, we won’t try for more. We won’t even think we deserve it.”

Sarcar was the head Nix. He resided in a castle so big it took up four blocks. He was a bloodthirsty man, carrying out raids against other worlds every chance he got. The Nix looked to him as their leader.

He was an excellent fighter and his prowess in battle made him revered. Sarcar’s word was law, and any Belen who disobeyed would certainly not live long enough to talk about it.

Kalem smirked, then grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me closer. “You got it in one, Tieden. Very impressive.” He pressed his lips against mine and my body exploded from the feel of his warm tongue on my own. Much too soon, he pulled away. “Let’s kill them all.”

As soon as he said it, the wind whipped around us, throwing dirt and debris in our faces. When the dust parted, at least twenty Nix stood before us, shields up, ready for battle.

Author Bio

N.R. Hairston resides in Southern Virginia with her family.
She enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.



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