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ANNOUNCEMENT: Galen’s Destiny, by Edward Kendrick

Galen's Destiny

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal book out:

What would you do if you turned eighteen, with your whole life ahead of you, only to find out that your were a dhampir, destined to spend your nights hunting vampires? Would you accept your fate, or walk away? Galen faces that decision, and makes the right choice.

By the time he’s twenty-five, he’s an expert at what he does. Then fate intervenes again when a powerful elf emerges who wants to rule the world. Will Galen, with the help of his father, Rénald, Marc, a loup garou, and two elves, Ian and Ewan, be able to foil the rogue elf’s plan? And, in the process, can Galen find true love—without dying before that happens?

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“Mr. Dane?”
Galen paused, on his way to his car. It had been a long day, especially since he’d had to deal with a couple of irate customers who didn’t understand why they had to leave their computers when all they needed was ‘A simple fix’. He was not in the mood to deal with what he presumed, even though he was obviously off work now, was yet another customer who wanted something.
“I don’t mean to bother you,” the man said. “But I wanted to catch you before you got home. What I have to say to you is better done somewhere other than there.”
That piqued Galen’s interest, but not in a good way. “So you’re accosting me in a public parking lot instead?”
“Not accosting. Just asking for a few moments of your time. If you wish, we can go—” the man glanced around, “—over there.” He pointed to a restaurant at the far side of the lot.
“I’m not hungry, and if I were, I’d prefer to go home to eat, without you following me,” Galen replied forcefully. “So, if you don’t mind, I will.”
“This has to do with your father, and your heritage,” the man told him quietly.
“Since I don’t know who my father is, and neither does my mother, I rather doubt that.”
The man nodded. “I don’t know his name, but I know what he is.”
“Uh-huh. Look, whatever kind of game you’re playing, go find someone else to hassle. I’m not interested.”
“Answer one question for me. In the last two days, have you thought at any point that you saw someone who wasn’t there? Who wasn’t visible?”
Galen almost said ‘no’, then changed his mind—because what happened on his birthday, when he and his mother had gone to dinner, still bothered him on some primal level—as he thought of it. “Perhaps,” he equivocated.
The man nodded. “I’m not surprised you don’t want to admit it. I wouldn’t if I were in your place. Which—” he smiled dryly, “—I was, a few years back.”
The man moved closer, leaning against the hood of Galen’s car. “I know you think this is…weird…spooky. That I’ve giving you some bizarre pickup line. By the way, that wouldn’t happen, because I’m straight.”
“What makes you think I’m not,” Galen replied defensively.
“For the same reason that I know a lot of other things about you. You turned eighteen the day before yesterday. You start college in a few days. You’re stronger and can move faster than the average young man with your build. You were conceived in New Orleans.”
“How the hell do you know all that,” Galen spat out, torn between anger and fear.
“Why don’t we go—” the man paused, then pointed, “—over to that park, and I’ll explain. Before you try to tell me your mother’s waiting dinner for you, I know she’s working the evening shift at the hospital this month.”
Galen studied the man. He was not much taller than Galen’s five eleven, and like him, he was slender, although his hair was a dark blond. If Galen had to guess, he’d place him at around thirty years of age. “Before I say yes or no, who are you?”
“My name is Lucien, though most people call me Luc. Lucien Merle.”
“So was my father. No, I take that back. Mom thought he might be, from his name—or Cajun.”
“Possible. Did she…” Luc paused. “If you don’t mind.” He nodded toward the park.
Galen shrugged, wondering why he was willing to do this. Curiosity, he supposed. And it was public enough, even though it was getting dark, that he felt he’d be safe. If not—well as Luc had pointed out, Galen had speed on his side.
Luc pushed off the car, striding toward their destination, with Galen following behind. They found a bench beside the retaining wall separating the park from the highway.
“All right,” Galen said, sitting. “What’s this all about? Why do you know everything about me?” He had a thought and voiced it. “I’m not a crook, and I don’t hang with anyone who is, so I doubt you’re a cop trying to get me to rat someone out.”
“No. I’m far from that in a lot of ways.” Luc settled on the other end of the bench from Galen. “All right, let me preface this by saying you’re not going to believe anything I tell you. At least not at first.”
Galen rolled his eyes. “Then why bother?”
“Because it’s important—for your safety and the safety of the people of this city.”
“Just listen if you would, and decide when I’ve finished whether I’m telling the truth.”
“I guess there’s no harm in that. But keep your distance.”
“I shall,” Luc replied. “Now, down to the nitty-gritty as they say. Do you believe in the supernatural?”
Galen snorted. “No.” Then he hesitated. “Well…what happened a couple of nights ago was spooky but…”
“Tell me, please.”
“I thought I saw, or more felt, someone watching me.”
“A man was there in the parking lot for maybe a second. And then he wasn’t. I figured it was just my imagination. You know—shadows thrown by a car’s headlights which looked like a person. I mean that’s all it could have been. And a few minutes later, the same guy—maybe—on the street. For just a second.”
“Then how do you explain the feeling of being watched?”
“As I said—imagination.”
“Understandable. Next question. Have you ever felt you were different from everyone else?”
Galen grinned, albeit barely. “Other than the fact I’m gay? Somehow, I don’t think that’s what you mean.”
“What else?”
“As you pointed out, I’m stronger and faster than anyone I know, even though I look like a ninety-pound weakling.”
“You don’t, you know. True, you’re not The Rock, but you’re well-built and it shows.”
Galen frowned. “I thought you said you weren’t gay. That sure sounded like a pick-up line to me.”
Luc chuckled. “Believe me, I’m not. I was only pointing out a fact, which, apparently, you don’t believe or are unaware of. That said, when did you begin to realize your powers?”
“My powers?” Galen laughed. When Luc asked why he laughed, Galen told him about how he’d compared himself to some superhero who didn’t know they were one—yet. “As to your question, I guess around the time I turned thirteen.”
“In other words, when you reached puberty. That’s not surprising.”
“Was to me,” Galen replied. “I went from being a puny kid to a guy who could move my bed without any help. And if you saw my bed you’d know that takes some strength. It’s one of those with a heavy base with drawers. And I was good enough to make the track team, though I didn’t try to until I was in high school.”
“How did you feel about all that?”
Galen grimaced. “Strange at first, I suppose, until I got used to the fact. Now, well, it’s just me.”
“Indeed it is, and it comes from who or what your father is.”
“You keep saying ‘what’, like he’s someone special and…and different.”
“He is.” Luc ran his hand along the back of the bench. To Galen it appeared as if he was debating what to say next. Finally, Luc asked, “Do you know what a dhampir is?”

Author Bio

Born and bred Cleveland, I earned a degree in technical theater, later switched to costuming, and headed to NYC. Finally seeing the futility of trying to become rich and famous in the Big Apple, I joined VISTA—Volunteers in Service to America—ending up in Chicago for three years. Then it was on to Denver where I put down roots and worked as a costume designer until I retired in 2007.

I began writing a few years ago after joining an on-line fanfic group. Two friends and I then started a group for writers, where they could post any story they wished no matter the genre or content. Since then, for the last six years, I’ve been writing for publication—my first book came out in February of 2011. Most, but not all, of my work is M/M, either mildly erotic or purely ‘romantic’. More often than not it involves a mystery or action/adventure, and is sometimes paranormal to boot.


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