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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Long Way Down, by Edward Kendrick

A Long Way Down, By Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal romance out, book five in Ghostly Investigations: “A Long Way Down.” A Ghostly Investigations story Homeless, Daw has managed to survive on the streets. That is, until a killer throws him off the rooftop where he has crashed for the night and he becomes a ghost. Luckily Brody Ellis, also a ghost, finds him moments later, and takes him home to meet the rest of the “Ghostie Boys,” who have chosen to remain in this world. Because Daw doesn’t know who killed him, the six ghosts put their heads together to find … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unnatural Allies, by Edward Kendrick

Unnatural Allies

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new mm erotic paranormal book out: “Unnatural Allies.” Vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. Therefore, Andre has no regrets about killing Raúl, the Alpha of the Wintermane pack, who plans to attack the Crimson Cathedral nightclub, revealing the presence of vampires to the human world. When Sand learns of his brother’s murder, he debates seeking revenge because he hates Raúl, who backed their father when he forced Sand out of the pack for being gay. Then, he discovers that Estebe, the new Alpha, plans to continue Raúl’s mission. Things come to a head when Sand, … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: A Haunting of Ghosts, by Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new mm paranormal mystery book out, book four in his Ghostly Investigations series: A Haunting Of Ghosts. And there’s a giveaway! When Van and Gene, partners in life as well as in their writing, are murdered in what looks like a drive-by shooting, it’s up to Mike and Sage, as well as their four ghostie boys friends to try to discover who was responsible.  Van and Gene had been researching two cold cases for their newest book at the time of their deaths. One was eleven years old, with three potential suspects for a girl’s … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Burke & The Vampire, by Edward Kendrick

Burke and the Vampire - Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new gay paranormal erotic romance out: Burke and the Vampire. What would you do if you awoke from a coma to discover you could sense vampires? Burke didn’t believe such creatures existed until it happened to him. Horrified, but accepting what he now knew was the truth, he vowed to eliminate them, destroying any who he could tell were not benign. Vampire Reynaud has been charged by his King to find the person they’ve dubbed The Hunter and end his existence before he kills more of their kind. The problem is, how can he find … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dead and Hating It, by Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal book out, Book 3 of the Ghostly Investigations series: “Dead and Hating It”. Kurt Foster is a ghost, killed by the man he loved, unable to move on until he can prove he was murdered. But how can he do that? Detective Mike Harris and Sage Crewe, Mike’s lover and a medium who talks to ghosts, both knew Kurt. When his death is deemed a suicide, they don’t believe it. With the help of ghosts Brody and Jon, they go to Kurt’s apartment, looking for anything to prove he might have been … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Secret to Die For, by Edward Kendrick

A Secret to Die For

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal book out: A Secret to Die For. Brian Newell is an average young man, working in a coffee shop. That is, until he learns he’s the sole heir to his grandfather Alistair’s fortune. A grandfather he didn’t even know he had. There is a proviso, however. He has to live in his grandfather’s house for one year, and take care of his macaw, before he can inherit anything. Conley Finnegan was close friends with Alistair, cataloguing his book collection and tending to his yard. He’s less than happy when he meets Brian, … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mage of Silence, by Edward Kendrick

Mage of Silence

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new mm fantasy book out: Castien, an elf mage who cannot speak except with the aid of a magical dagger, has been captured while on a mission. He is freed by his companion, the warrior elf Daeron, and returns with him to Daeron’s homeland. There they will join forces to rid the land of a Lord bent on the destruction of the elves. Theirn, a young half-elf thief, attempts to rob Castien during his stay at an inn and is caught by the mage. Much against Theirn’s will, he is enlisted into the group of … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Magical Team, by Edward Kendrick

A Magical Team

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM fantasy book out: Dirk Raynell is the half-elf son of Lex, the elf who founded the magical team. But he isn’t certain he wants to become a member, even after he meets its charismatic and very gay Elven leader Tonio. The team is comprised of Felan, a wolf-shifter; Reni, a vampire witch; Mattie, a human witch; and Bay, a human warlock who is cursed to come back each time he dies at the age he was at his first death. The sixth, unofficial member is Nina, Tonio’s twin sister and a healer. Then … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: In the Blink of an Eye, by Edward Kendrick

In the Blink of an Eye

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM vampire tale out: Four men whose lives intertwine: Craig Hudson, the manager of a used bookstore in New Orleans. Scott Reed, Craig’s boyfriend, who vanishes in the blink of an eye while celebrating his birthday with friends. Kevan Martel, a small-time private investigator, hired by Craig to find Scott. And Zoran, the one responsible for Scott’s disappearance. Will Craig be able to find Scott with Kevan’s help? And if they do, what will happen to the growing attraction developing between them? Meanwhile, can Scott survive what Zoran has done to him? If he … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Nothing in Common, Except…, by Edward Kendrick

Nothing in Common Except...

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal book out: Braxton “Brax” O’Hara is a shifter, a PI … and an art thief. He has no problem with being all three. As a matter of fact, he likes his less than legal job. Kyle Grayson is a member of an all-shifter art crimes team. He does everything within his power to catch the thieves he’s after, and believes he’s found his next quarry — Brax O’Hara. Things take a turn for the worse when Russo, Brax’s partner in crime, wants him to retrieve some blackmail pictures instead of a piece … Read more