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ANNOUNCEMENT: Gay Ever After Trilogy Re-Release, by L.M. Brown

QSFer L.M. Brown has re-released her “Gay Ever After” fairy tale trilogy, and OMG the new covers are gorgeous. And just $1.99 each!

Let Down Your Hair: A Gay Fairy Tale

When Prince Aiden sets out to rescue a princess, the last thing he expects to find is a cross-dressing artist named Robert. Can he set aside his fears and find the fairy tale ending he longs for?

In a world where fairy stories are historical fact, Prince Aiden is on a quest to find a princess to rescue and bring home as his bride. Deep in the Enchanted Forest, he finds Robert, a cross-dressing artist who lives alone in his tower. Mistaking him for a woman, Prince Aiden is determined to have Robert as his bride.

When the prince of his dreams shows up at Robert’s tower he is far from happy, especially when the handsome prince refuses to believe he is a man. Can he convince Prince Aiden to love him as the man he is, or is their happily ever after doomed from the start?

Potions & Prisons: A Gay Fairy Tale 

When John the woodcutter realises he is about to lose the love of his life, he seeks out the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest, hoping to buy a love potion to win his lover back. The witch refusing to help is only the start of his problems, for–on the stroke of midnight–the witch’s cottage vanishes from the Enchanted Forest with him in it.

Mathias is the grandson of a wicked witch and, like his mother and grandmother, he is cursed to be trapped in the cottage in a desolate wasteland for the rest of his life. He and the cottage only return to the Enchanted Forest on Midsummer Day each year. The last thing he needs is an unexpected house guest.

Thrown together for a year, the spark between the two men soon ignites into passion, but can John live the rest of his life in a prison and would Mat even ask him to?

Destiny & Dragons: A Gay Fairy Tale

Falling for the dragon wasn’t part of the plan.

When Lord Marcus set out on his quest, it seemed a simple enough task to accomplish. Slay the dragon and rescue the princess, securing his father’s approval and earning his happily ever after—only the princess is a witch and the dragon is nowhere to be seen. Instead he finds a young man who has a very big secret and is in far greater need of rescuing. Marcus’s well planned quest might have taken an unexpected turn, but his happy ending could still be within his grasp, if he can earn the trust of a dragon who has been betrayed and hurt by everyone he has ever known.

Buy Links: Let Your Hair Down | Potions & Poisons | Destiny & Dragons

Excerpt From Destiny & Dragons

When Marcus woke the next morning, he was unsure as to what part of his body ached the most—his neck, his back, or his cock. Runt hadn’t changed position all night and Marcus realised his right leg had gone to sleep too. 

He was reluctant to wake the sleeping dragon, but they needed to leave soon, before the occupants of the farmhouse discovered them. 

Marcus could hear Davy pottering around in the next stall, no doubt putting together some breakfast.

“Runt.” Marcus poked the young man until he opened his eyes. 

The dragon stared about him, clearly disoriented, until he remembered where they were. “Breakfast?” he asked.

“I’m sure Davy will be able to rustle up some grub for us,” Marcus assured him.

“Already got breakfast ready,” Davy announced as he popped his head round the edge of the stall. “Are you both decent?”

Marcus glared at his squire, who naturally took no notice at all of his annoyance. Apparently he had become used to the idea of travelling with a dragon and no longer jumped at every move Runt made. Marcus thought it a shame Davy couldn’t understand Runt, because he had a feeling they could become good friends if given the chance. 

They ate a quick breakfast of biscuits and ale, gathered their belongings together, and crept to the barn doors. The horses, who had eventually settled during the night, began to kick up a fuss again the instant Runt emerged from the stall. The sooner they were back on the road, the better.


The shout came from the farmhouse the moment they stepped out the doors. Marcus turned to see who had yelled and saw a group of about a dozen men armed with pitchforks. “Bugger.”

The villagers appeared to have been waiting for them for some time. They charged as one toward the trio, shouting “kill the dragon” and waving their weapons. 

Marcus grabbed Runt’s hand and pulled him toward the trees on the edge of the farmer’s land. Davy sprinted ahead of them.

Behind them he heard shouts. 

Too late he realised the group chasing them weren’t the only ones ready to attack. Another half dozen armed men waited near the tree line.

Marcus quickly scanned the area and saw more men waiting in every direction. They had the three of them completely surrounded. 

“Kill the dragon. Kill the dragon,” the men chanted. One of them threw a rock in their direction, which missed by at least ten feet. 

“Stop it!” Marcus shouted. “He won’t harm you. We’re just passing through.”

The men didn’t listen. “We should have torched the barn with the monster inside.”

“I already told you that I can’t afford to rebuild the barn,” a man, who was apparently the farmer, yelled back at him. 

Marcus drew his sword. These men wouldn’t harm Runt while he remained standing. He focused his attention on the farmer. If he was short of money, maybe he could find a way out of this mess. 

“I’m Lord Marcus. This is my squire, Davy, and we’re on a mission to escort this dragon to his family. I would be happy to pay you double the going rate for lodgings at the village inn for the use of your barn last night.”

“There are more dragons still living?” the farmer replied. 

Marcus grimaced as the farmer focused on entirely the wrong thing. 

The villagers closed in on them. Runt began to shake beside him and Marcus squeezed his hand to try to reassure him. 

Suddenly, the villagers closed in on them. They were vastly outnumbered, but with a dragon on their side, no one seemed to want to step too close. Instead they used the tactic of throwing rocks at them. 

One of the men caught Davy with a lucky shot and he tumbled to the ground. Marcus tried to help him, but the villagers used his distraction to focus their attention on Runt. 

“Marcus, get Davy out of here,” Runt shouted. 

“I won’t leave you,” Marcus yelled back as he pointed his sword at the nearest villager. He didn’t want to harm anyone, but he would do whatever he could to protect Davy and Runt. 

“You have to go,” Runt said. “I’ll catch up with you.”

Marcus dragged Davy to his feet. His squire had a nasty gash on his head and struggled to maintain his balance. 

Marcus realised what Runt had in mind when he saw the puff of smoke come out of his nostrils. His sweet little dragon was about to start a fire. 

“Davy, we need to run.” Marcus pulled his squire away from the crowd. The villagers let them through without any trouble; their attention was firmly on Runt. 

The first spurt of fire from Runt’s mouth wasn’t particularly impressive. In fact, it was barely more than a spark. The second was a little better, and a few of the villagers backed away from him. When the flames shot from his mouth with his third attempt, half the villagers ran for their lives. The dry grass of the field they were on caught alight and Marcus hurried Davy away from the fire. 

They made it to the trees and watched as Runt sent flames in all directions. The rest of the villagers fled, then Runt flew up over the flames, headed for Marcus and Davy. 

“That looked really strange,” Marcus said. 

“Strange?” Runt asked. 

Marcus shook his head and hurried Runt and Davy into the woods. “I saw your wings in the mirror, but when you flew just now, I saw a man take flight. And I saw a man shooting flames from his mouth. I guess it’s just a little odd seeing a man doing dragon things.”

“But I ama dragon.”

“I know, but it still looked strange.”

Suddenly Davy fell to the ground. Marcus dropped down beside him and tried to rouse him, but he was out for the count. The gash on his head bled quite badly. 

Marcus tore a strip of material from his tunic and tried to stem the flow of blood. 

“I can help,” Runt said from Davy’s other side. “If you don’t mind it being a dragon thing again?”

Marcus smiled. “I don’t mind at all. What are you going to do?”

Runt bit into his own wrist and let his blood drip down into Davy’s wound. Marcus watched as the wound knit itself back together. He would never have believed it if he hadn’t seen the magic with his own eyes. 

Davy remained unconscious for several more minutes, but when he opened his eyes, he seemed to be fine. “What happened?”

“You got hit on the head with a rock and Runt here fixed you up,” Marcus explained. 

“Thanks,” Davy said to Runt.

“You’re welcome.”

“He says you’re welcome,” Marcus translated. “Now I think we should get out of here as fast as we can before the villagers return with reinforcements. 

He pointed the way and Runt stared at him in confusion. “The mountains are in the other direction.”

“I know, but I think we should take a detour to my family home and regroup.”

Runt appeared terrified at the thought of going to visit Marcus’s family. Marcus wished he could tell him everything would be fine there, but he wasn’t sure he could make such a promise. With a mother and sisters prone to hysterics over spiders and frogs, he shuddered to think how they would react to a dragon. 

Marcus nudged the two young men ahead of him. He had another reason for heading home right now: that being to deposit Davy there until his quest had been completed. He didn’t want to leave his squire behind, but the events of the morning had made it clear this journey might be more dangerous than they had anticipated. It would be safer for them all if Marcus took Runt to the mountains alone. 

Author Bio

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances. She believes mermen live in the undiscovered areas of the ocean. She believes life exists on other planets. She believes in fairy tales, magic, and dreams. Most of all, she believes in love.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

Website & blog: 

Facebook Page:

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