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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Imposter Prince – Wendy Rathbone

The Imposter Prince

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM fantasy book out:

His love for an enemy prince threatens his very life.

Dare does not mind serving the spoiled and cruel Prince Darius. Growing up with him, Dare does everything for Darius including homework, bed play demands, and even doubling for him as the prince grows too paranoid to face even the smallest of crowds.

But everything changes in a single moment when Dare, while posing as Darius, is abducted by the enemy.

A captive in a new and hostile land, Dare meets another prince who seems just as indulged and rotten as Darius—until Dare gets to know him, until they fall in love. Against his will, Dare must continue to play the role of Prince Darius for real, or risk everything: his love, his land, and his very life.

His only chance for survival is to keep a secret from the one he loves, a secret that is also killing him.

A male/male, enemies to lovers novel of mad kings, troubled princes, abduction, fevers, cold dungeons, warm hearths, comfort, wine, and true love.

Book One of the Imposter Series.

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Wendy is giving away an ebook copy of Zeus: Conquering His Heart. It is a standalone novel, though second in a series. For a chance to win, comment on the blog post below.


Dare was lucky to live here. He kept telling himself that each day he woke to the beauty around him. Every day he opened his eyes to see the prince’s quarters with its lavish, tapestried walls, its silk-woven rugs, hand-carved oak tables and chairs, and the many-colored glass lanterns shaped like moons that hung from the high ceiling. He wore robes of precious silk, even to bed, and had many jeweled bracelets and rings, though he really could not call any of them his own.

A voice came from his left. “Did you hear me? Footstool. I said I need you over here. Now.”


Dare’s hands were flat on Malory’s back now, one over each shoulder blade, feeling the curve of muscle and bone through the velvet robe. What would it be like to touch him skin to skin?

It only took the thought to send a thrill chasing through his system.

The taste of Malory was wine and spice. Every delicate scent whirled to arouse him. The room smelled of moss, rivers, burning oak. Dust on velvet. Salt of lust.

What do shared secrets smell like? This, Dare thought. And this.

Author Bio

The reason I write romance these days is because the overwhelming power of falling in love (which has been proven to heal even cancer) is a game-changer. It makes sad people instantly happy. It makes bleak reality look sun-warmed and friendly again.

I have written in all genres: scifi, fantasy, horror, paranormal, contemporary, erotica, romance. My poetry has won awards, publishing contracts, and was recently nominated for a Pushcart. I am a hybrid writer, publishing both indie (under my press name Eye Scry Designs) and with publishers, most recently with Dreamspinner Press.

I keep coming back to romance. Gay romance. Male/male romance. Maybe it was the wonderful start I got when I was very young in Star Trek slash fanfiction. Something about that stuck. The idea of two men falling in love in a society that has winced at that sort of thing for far too long (when in ancient times and other cultures it is considered normal) is alluring. The forbidden is imminently appealing and erotic to me. Many of my themes involve abduction, pleasure slavery, indentured servitude, imprisonment. It’s like, with my writing, I’m constantly breaking out of some self-imposed cage and letting my wings unfurl until I can finally fly.

This is why I write. This is what makes me burn.

All my books are available on Amazon and CreateSpace.


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