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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hell and Back, by Melanie Monroe

Hell and Back

QSFer Melanie Monroe has a new FF paranormal book out:

Just when Teagan O’Malley thought she had settled in with being a hell hound, events in Hell had to hit the fan. Instead of Teagan retrieving a soul every once in a while, she found herself having to capture several souls a day. With the help of a new friend, Teagan helps discover that there’s a glitch in Hell’s computer system, leaving all of Hell shorthanded. In the confusion, soul requests are being routed to the Angels to be retrieved, instead of to their Demon counter parts. Yes, even Hell cannot escape the irritations of technology!

Teagan dislikes having to take on the extra work, because it left little time for her to uncover where her parents were, and who set them up to be trapped in Hell. In order to unravel Hell’s chaos, Teagan has to rely on her friends. She also has to help the Devil out in the meantime, because not only is the glitch causing problems with soul retrieving, it appears as if the glitch wasn’t an accident. Now, Teagan has to figure out who is behind starting trouble for the Devil. As Teagan and her friends try to figure everything out, it is important for Teagan to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. Teagan is already on enemy grounds, but when she steps into Hell to find the answers she needs, she has to know who wants her to make it to Hell and Back.

Hell Hounds Book Three



Book one, “Go to Hell”, is free for everyone through Wednesday, 3/22:

Teagan O’Malley is a young lesbian trying to figure her place out in life. Stifled by the overprotective nature of her well-meaning parents, Teagan struggles between trying to balance her free spirit and natural curiosity about the world, and easing her families fears of something she can’t see or comprehend.

Her demure stay at home mother, her seemingly harmless father, and even her eight-year-old sister all seem to be tying to shield her from a nameless danger…a threat they have all been waiting for as long as she can remember.
Teagan is sure that her family is simply paranoid…until one horrible night that rips her reality apart. She is left broken, alone, and thirsty for revenge on those who have taken everything from her.

An alluring stranger makes her a deal. A deal that turns out to be so much more than she bargained for! Teagan is soon plunged into an other-worldly life, with unimaginable powers, but cursed as well…for her to find the revenge she seeks, Teagan must first go to Hell!


“So spit it out child, there is something obviously bothering you,” Toad said eyeing me calmly, but I could feel some tension coming from him, as if he knew what I was going to say. Toad being Toad, he probably did know what I was going to say because he always seemed to be a step ahead of me.

I took a breath and blurted it out because there just wasn’t any other way to put it.

“So, I was thinking about this whole virus business, and it seems to me like there is more to it,” I said.

“Why would you say that,” Toad asked. The rest of the room had gotten very silent.

“Well,” I pointed to Ebert, “I mean, the virus happens, I get him as my charge, and he just happens to be a tech person,” I dreaded saying the next part, but I took a deep breath and watched Meg as I said it, “and then I get tied to him with my life.”

Meg’s head shot up and she glared at me as she growled, “What are you trying to say, hound?”

Oh, so now I was hound when I was talking about one of her own? So, I thought two could play that game. “Your pal Simon linked me and Ebert for a reason, Meg.”

“Simon would never do that, he may not like the changes in the regime here, but he wouldn’t start trouble for Lucy, he knows better.” She rose from the chair she was lounging on and came to stand in front of me with her hands balled into fists.

I looked up at her with no fear and dared her with my eyes to argue any differently.

Toad stepped up and grabbed Meg by the shoulder, “Hold on there, Meg, Teagan could have a point about some of this stuff,” Meg seemed to take it down a few notches, and let Toad push her back away from me.

Toad turned to me, and I crossed my arms over my chest and steadied myself, waiting for an attack, but he smiled and winked. At least I thought he winked; it was hard to tell with the whole slimy mushy face thing he had going on – not all that expressive, ya’know? I could tell, though, by the twinkle in his eyes that Toad was amused by something.

“What’s so funny Toad,” I asked?

“Nothing child, I just am glad that you brought this up, I was thinking it was mighty convenient myself.”

“So you think Simon switched sides too,” Meg interrupted, “You really think him that petty?”

“Simon has never found it appealing to be working for a woman, even if that woman is still the Devil, and has been for centuries. It does bring up questions Meg,” he said quietly.

Meg shook her head and glared at me like it was all my fault before sighing and saying, “I will not believe that my friend would do that, but the hound does have a point about the virus and Ebert coming up at the perfect time.”

“Well, the perfect time to try to make a move to gain power would be when Lucy is forced to send her best soldiers out to enemy grounds to fight the Angels for souls,” Mac spoke and everyone jerked as if they had forgotten that he was here. “The only reason I was called back was to take care of Teagan’s mess.”

“Mess? Really Mac?” I grumbled.

Hanging his head, he looked at me sheepishly and then at Meg and mumbled an apology.

“Something’s rotten in Denmark dude,” Ebert said.


Melanie MonroeAuthor Bio

This lesbian writer is out and proud to be working on the lesbian fiction that she always wanted to read. I searched for a long time and could not quite find the right lesbian fiction that satisfied my reading addiction. Although there are many that I love, I wanted to put my own spin on things. I was so tired of the same old stories and characters that I decided to write my own. So this ex-corporate rat from the trenches crawled out of her cubicle, dyed her hair a funky pastel like she always wanted and threw on the cape of an indie author.

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