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New Release: Cooking With Magic – Lisa Oliver

Cooking With Magic - Lisa Oliver

QSFer Lisa Oliver has a new MM paranormal book out, Hellhound Collar book 4: Cooking With Magic. “I would never hurt you… Please don’t flinch like that. You need to come with me, that’s all, and for that I need to touch you.” Hellhound Faron wasn’t expecting anything when he went to his local diner for a meal before heading home. He might have privately hoped that he could catch sight of his favorite chef, Patrick, but the food was worth eating anyway. What he doesn’t expect, when he’s finished his meal, was to find Patrick sitting in a rusty … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hell and Back, by Melanie Monroe

Hell and Back

QSFer Melanie Monroe has a new FF paranormal book out: Just when Teagan O’Malley thought she had settled in with being a hell hound, events in Hell had to hit the fan. Instead of Teagan retrieving a soul every once in a while, she found herself having to capture several souls a day. With the help of a new friend, Teagan helps discover that there’s a glitch in Hell’s computer system, leaving all of Hell shorthanded. In the confusion, soul requests are being routed to the Angels to be retrieved, instead of to their Demon counter parts. Yes, even Hell … Read more