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Announcement: Help! My Lover’s An Alien, by Carol Pedroso

Help! My Lover's an AlienQSFer Carol Pedroso has a new MM sci fi romance out:

Lor is an Elite Guard for his planet’s ambassador, and they’re heading for Earth. He is not looking for his mate, but, when they arrive he finds him.

What should he do? How does an alien court a human?

Dillon is a trainer for the military. All he wants is a man to love him for who he is. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Can two men from different species make a lasting relationship work?

This is a story written for the Goodreads MM Romance Group, Love is an Open Road, DRitC Event. As Amazon will not allow me to list this book for free all royalties will go to charities that support LBGT causes.


Carol is giving away a paperback edition of the story to one lucky winner. Comment below with your email address for a chance to win. :)

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In the center of the room was a male human calling out orders.

He shouted something to a male that had just been pinned to the mat. The male stood up and faced the male in charge.

Lor watched as a fight ensued. Since the ambassador didn’t intervene, he assumed it was part of the training. The male in charge had the other pinned within four moves.

“What did he do wrong?” he called out to the other males.

He was not anticipating your moves, thought Lor.

A blond put his hand in the air. “Yes, Gilbert?”

“He didn’t anticipate your moves, sir,” Gilbert said and Lor hid a smile.

“Yes that’s correct,” the male responded with a nod. “Now, you come and show them how it’s done.”

Gilbert flushed so bright Lor could see his skin change color even from his post near the door. As the two males faced off against each other, the male in charge turned, and his eyes met Lor’s. Lor could have sworn he stopped breathing. The male had very short brown hair and was shorter than Lor, but the thing that caught Lor’s attention was the male’s eyes. They shone the brightest shade of green Lor had ever seen.


This was what his magic had been trying to tell him

Author Bio

Carol is a stay at home mum to a hyperactive daughter, as well as an active volunteer within her community. She started writing gay romance when she came across the Wednesday Brief Writers Group on one of their member’s websites. She has since started her own blog and also posts to other websites.

She lives in the South East of the UK and enjoys all sorts of activities, including; crocheting, walking, and of course lots of reading. She is very thankful to her husband and daughter for all their support and for not complaining too much when she ignores them for long periods of time.





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6 thoughts on “Announcement: Help! My Lover’s An Alien, by Carol Pedroso”

    • Hi, This was my first time writing this genre and so I kept it very basic. There are few physical differences, only cosmetic (e.g. Skin colour, height, etc).
      The main difference is the Aliens have magic, and that likes to get involved in the lovemaking ;)

  1. Alien falling in love with a human one of my favourite Sci Fi tropes please count me in.



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