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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hemispheres – Mark Everglade

Hemispheres - Mark Everglade

QSFer Mark Everglade has a new lesbian/non-binary cyberpunk book out: “Hemispheres.”

Light is currency. Light is big business on Evig Natt, where it’s always dark and fireflies are the only legal source of light. They’re also used as currency, leaving the impoverished to live in the shadows of the wealthy. 

Severum Rivenshear is hired to stop the Kontractor, Thalassa, a woman speeding the planet’s rotation to bring light to rich and poor alike, until his beliefs shatter while witnessing the abuses of power.

In a time of war, they must bring balance to the hemispheres, even if Severum must betray the very system he’s sworn to protect.

Warning: Attempted sexual assault on one page, but not glorified.

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“Do you know your name refers to the sea?” Arcturus asks Thalassa.

“Yeah, I know,” she replies, resting her head on Arcturus’ shoulder, wrapping her hand around her, caressing her upper arm. 

“Related to the name Thalatte, an alternate name for Tiamat,” Arcturus says. 

“Really? Who’s that?” 

“A peaceful creator goddess. When she cried her tears gave birth to rivers. Then, men feared her influence and overtook her image, demonizing her as an embodiment of chaos. She became seen as a dragon whose tail was the Milky Way.” She combs her hands through Thalassa’s tangles.

“So, the more men demonize our gender, the more they must fear us, and the more power we have over the organization of the cosmos. I like that.” She uncrosses her legs. 

…Lost within infinite regress, like two mirrors facing one another, their conversation continues, the two of them free from gender, having accessed a far deeper and more ancient state of being. 

Author Bio

Cyberpunk author Mark Everglade has spent his life studying social conflict, obtaining a M.S. in Sociology. His ancestor created the field of psychology. He wrote Hemispheres to sooth our ideological divisiveness in a time of oppression. His previous cyberpunk stories have appeared in Exoplanet Magazine and Unrealpolitik

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