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New Release: Spark & Tether – Lilian Zenzi

Spark & Tether - Lillian Zenzi

Lilian Zenzi has a new queer sci-fi romance out (nonbinary/pan/queer/gender-fluid): Spark & Tether. Working odd jobs across the Outer Ring gets a little lonely sometimes—not everyone loves having a synchronist with supraliminal perception around. But all Sacheri wants, he tells himself, is to wander the stars. Then he takes a salvage run to an abandoned moon where he meets the wry, reserved, strictly-by-the-rules archivist Jin. Mesmerized by their confidence and charm, Sacheri can’t resist showing off his abilities–and instead of the damaged ai he was tracking, he stumbles onto a signal left by a synchronist who went missing decades earlier. Sacheri … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Shards of Trust – Fox Beckman

Shards of Trust - Fox Beckman

Fox Beckman has a new queer urban fantasy out, Trust Trilogy book 2 (gay, non-binary): Shards of Trust. And there’s a giveaway. Things are going good for Ravi. Sure, a bunch of vampires want to turn Atlanta into a bloodsucker paradise, and sure, Ravi’s matchmaking aunt keeps shoving available bachelorettes at him left and right. Despite all that, Ravi’s secret affair with the enigmatic time traveler Cayenne is making him happier than he’s ever been in his life. But Cayenne has secrets of their own, ones they can’t hide any longer, past and future on a collision course to disaster. … Read more

New Release: Cold Rising – Rohan O’Duill

Cold Rising - Rohan O’Duill

QSFer Rohan O’Duill has a new queer cyberpunk/dystopian book out (non-binary): Cold Rising. After a job gone wrong, Special Agent Olgo is trapped within the bowels of Mars with no means of escape. The device that imprisons the trauma within them is about to fail, and the past terrors kept hidden by it must be contained for Olgo’s sanity and everyone’s safety. From the darkness comes a tiny voice, and a tinier hope: “Hello?” Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Kobo | Apple | Smashwords | Universal Buy Link Excerpt Geneva Mega City, 2324 Olgo’s two operatives … Read more

Review: Runes of Fall – A.K. Faulkner

Runes of Fall - AK Faulkner

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Superhero LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Demi, Lesbian, Non-Binary Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon | | B&N | Kobo | Apple About The Book No storm bows to reason. Quentin’s trip to the desert with his chosen family is supposed to be two days of testing the limits of their powers. Instead, a violent storm looms on the horizon, and nothing will alter its course. The storm has a name: Nate Anderson. Demigod, supremacist, leader of a neo-Nazi Übermensch cabal… and father to Quentin’s latest ward, Mel. He means to take her … Read more

New Release: Eden II – K. Wroten

Eden II - K. Wroten

QSFer K. Wroten has a new queer sci-fi graphic novel out (gay, non-binary, trans FTM): Eden II. A blistering critique of digital media and a kaleidoscopic depiction of consumer culture, Eden II is both fanciful and satirical, a combination of deft cartooning and virtuosic storytelling. In the grungy, punk-inflected world K. Wroten creates, a cast of disaffected young characters struggle to find their purpose in life. Faced with a dying Earth and numbingly useless jobs, protagonists Ellis and Dr. Otis Heck invent an immersive virtual reality game, Eden II. But when Heck betrays Ellis and sells the game to a … Read more

New Release: Inkbloom – E.D.E. Bell

Inkbloom - E.D.E. Bell

QSFer E.D.E. Bell has a new queer fantasy book out (ace, bi, demi, gay, gender fluid, intersex, lesbian, non-binary, poly, trans), The World of Alyssia book 2: Inkbloom. Xelle is marked as dragonfriend. Arriving at To’Ever under a veil of unease and an uncertain future, she must redefine herself. Again. Inkbloom continues the story of Night Ivy, a wandering bard’s tale of magic and friendship amidst the spires and shadows of the seven towers of Alyssia. The second book in the fantasy world of Alyssia, featuring plant magic, friendship, and dragons. “Like the first breeze of spring after a long … Read more

Review: Awry with Dandelions – J.S. Fields

Awry With Dandelions - J.S Fields

Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Intersex, Lesbian, Non-Binary Reviewer: Beáta Get It On Amazon About The Book When do dreams become reality? Orin sells dandelion latex at a no-name market, barely scraping by. Mette is a princess. Maybe. What Orin does know is that for thirty seconds every night, Mette visits Orin in xir dreams. Orin has long since written the fancy ghost woman off as a recurring nightmare, but when Mette insists upon meeting in real life, Orin’s inner world turns out to be more substantive than imaginary. Along with best friend Blathnaid, Orin embarks on a journey to discover … Read more

Review: Night Ivy – E.D.E. Bell

Night Ivy – E.D.E. Bell

Genre: Quiet Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Demi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Intersex, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Poly, Trans FTM, Trans MTF Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon | Publisher | About The Book Xelle is sure in her passion for magic, but struggles to find her place within the constructs that enable its study. Night Ivy offers the first verse of a wandering bard’s tale of fancy and fantasy, amidst the spires and shadows of the seven towers of Alyssia. The Review I have never read a better description of anxiety or the thought processes of someone who is neuro-divergent than what … Read more

New Release: Anacrusis – Layman Kingsford

Anacrusis - Layman Kingsford

QSFer Layman Kingsford has a new queer fantasy short story collection out (non-binary), a Living Empires prequel: Anacrusis. Before embarking on the epic Living Empires trilogy, learn a little bit about some of central characters and the magical world where every living thing is emblazoned with one divine signMark. Evorstrom has only ever had one living dual-signed saint at any given time. What happens when there are six? ​​Ernon Thol’Win, first person ever to be born with two signMarks – bone and tree – in the remote wilderness Uthingo valley, is hailed as the great unifier destined to unite the two … Read more

Review: Xenocultivars Anthology


Genre: Speculative Fiction LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Intersex, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Poly, Trans FTM, Trans MTF Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Kobo | About The Book This collection of speculative short fiction is about all kinds of queer growth, from emerging and developing to flourishing and cultivating. Whether they’re tender sprouts just beginning to discover themselves or deeply-rooted leaders fiercely defending those they love, the people in these stories have this in common: you can’t tell them what to do. They grow as they please. The Review I have always loved anthologies. They are like … Read more