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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hopeless Scars, by A.L. Williams

Hopeless Scars

QSFer A.L. Williams has a new Paranormal gay romance out in the Scars series: “Hopeless Scars.”

Lucifer has finally formed a relationship with his long lost son, but there is one problem. He is going to have to leave. Even if all he wants to do is stay. His fate was sealed millennia ago. Happiness isn’t in the cards for him and he has accepted that, but then why is he staying?

Dr. Adam Colton does everything in his power to save lives and he usually succeeds. All he wants is to be a good doctor and a good Christian man, but when Mr. Miller is rolled in on a gurney, he’s forced to face his sinful desires. He isn’t so sure he can fight what he craves so deeply.

When a child is brought in with a mysterious illness, it sets off a series of events that brings The Center for Disease Control and Prevention to town. It’s a race to save the child’s life.

The attraction between Adam and Lucifer is only intensifying as both are being dragged through the mud. All seems Hopeless. Can they find the strength to fight for what they want or are the Scars too deep?

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A week later, the sun sat high in the sky, the sweet smell of blooming wildflowers filling my nose. The chirp of birds mixed with the sound of passing traffic. James and I sat across from each other on my back patio, enjoying the cool air. Beyond the patio wall, the clouds drifted over the mountains. “It’s been awhile,” James said, grabbing his mug of coffee.

I leaned back against my chair. “Has it?”

“It’s hard to imagine that one year ago, we were strangers.” He blew away the rising steam and took a sip.

Glancing down, I watched the dark liquid swirl. “Days, years, centuries. It is all the same. None of it makes a difference.”

He furrowed his brows. “That seems depressing.”

“It is what it is.”

He faced me. “You made a mistake. He can’t punish you forever.” I ran my hand across my chest. Beatrice’s voice danced through my memory.

He can’t punish you forever.

The boy was just as naïve as she had been. I chuckled, the sound bitter even to me. “You sound like your mother. He is God. He can do whatever he wants.”

James looked down at his hands in his lap. “Did you ever love anyone before Mama?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“What did you love about her?” he asked.

I looked off into the distance. “She always had a positive outlook. Even being a slave, she believed in a better future. I suppose she was not wrong. Mankind has improved.”

I glanced over at my son, still watching me. “She had so many hopes for you. Even in her circumstances, she always looked at life with—”

James’ lips curled into a smile. “Hope.”

I nodded.

Suddenly, James’ phone started to ring, disturbing the comfortable silence. He grabbed it from the table and answered. A muffled voice drifted through the receiver. His expression softened. “Hi, babe.” I watched as he talked, noticing the joy dancing in his eyes. I looked away. It was amazing how much James had changed. His smile was a sight to see.

When he told me he was harming himself, I was shocked and guilt had twisted in my gut. I was thankful that Andrew had managed to help him as he struggled to stop. Over the last two years he had cut less and less until he completely stopped. A part of me had been envious of his trust in the others, but I knew I had not earned that at the time. I was part of the reason he did it. My chest tightened.

“Alright. Love you,” James said.

I turned back to him, meeting his gaze.

“I have to go meet Andrew, but we’ll talk later?”

I nodded, and he left.

Later, when I went inside, the room had grown dark. I flicked on the light, filling the room with a yellow glow. I walked over to the bed and sat down. Memories of my time with Beatrice rushed to the surface of my mind.

Feminine fingers brushed through my hair, the sun dancing along the wild flowers surrounding us. I gazed up at her, my head cradled in Beatrice’s lap. She smiled down at me, her mahogany ringlet curls swaying with the wind in front of her round face. “It’s our very own Eden.”

My skin tightened. “This is nothing like Eden. You will never know its beauty.”

She smiled, the glint of sun in her deep brown eyes. “Foolish man. I see its beauty in you.”

She gazed off into the distance, rubbing her small round belly. The surrounding flowers swayed in the gentle breeze. “I will be in paradise when my time comes, and so will you.”

She leaned over and planted a kiss on my forehead, warming my heart. I would never see the golden gates again, but for now I wanted to believe her. Reaching up and running my fingers along her strong jaw, I pulled her down for a deep kiss.

An ache shot through my chest when the memory faded away and a loud snap jolted through my senses. I gasped as the pain intensified, my fingers gripping the side of the bed. I pulled myself to my feet, crossing the room to grab my phone. I panted, pushing through the pain. I did not know what was happening and the only thing I could focus on was getting to my phone. When I reached the counter, I grabbed it.

My vision blurred, and seconds later I hit the floor. I curled into myself as my scar burned. The sound of trumpets resonated through my ears melding with the clop of hooves striking the earth. I clenched my chest, panting against the tile. I reached blindly for my phone that had fallen to the floor and dialed James, lifting the phone to my ear, my hands trembling. “Hey, what’s—” James started. I groaned, struggling to breathe through the pain. “What’s wrong!” he asked with concern in his voice.

My vision blurred. “I—.” The phone fell out of my hand. Another sharp pain rushed through me and I pressed my hand to my chest. A loud snap and the sound of hooves on gravel once again stampeded through me and faded into the walls. My head spun, the continued shouts of James fading away. A distant melody was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

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I’m an avid reader who loves art, cats, and everything queer. I am non-binary and my pronouns are he/him or They/Them.

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