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Ice Soul

QSFer Mary Rundle has a new MM shifter mpreg paranormal book out in her Blackwood Pack series: Ice Soul.

Kieran was sold into slavery where he was forced to care for other prisoners held by a shifter trafficking ring. But that changed when a Blackwood brother freed him and the others. Now for the first time in his life, the world beckons and he can plan his future. That is, until he discovers why the Fates brought him to the Blackwood Pack.

Logan, one of the brothers, has become a virtual recluse, spending hours at his design table, unable to shake the horrible memories of his family’s massacre and an unhappy childhood under the fist of his father, a dictatorial and abusive Alpha.

When Kieran appears, Logan is smitten with this pink-loving twink who tries to use his sassy and irrepressible wit to win his heart. After Logan claims Kieran, he finds keeping him is not easy. When both realize Logan can’t give himself completely to his Fated Mate, Kieran takes off but tells no one where.

A frantic search, rejection, dark secrets revealed, ghosts exorcised- these are just some of the obstacles Kieran and Logan must overcome as they embark on a mission of discovery that will make their love for each other stronger. Only then, will these two unique wolves fulfill their destinies decreed by the Fates and gods and prove worthy of the powerful gifts bestowed on them.

Blackwood Pack Book Four

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Something woke him, and Logan froze, listening for whatever it was that startled him. Concentrating on the noise, he realized it was coming from the sitting area and whoever it was, was trying to be very quiet. Thinking through his options, he settled for the one he felt would give him the greatest advantage. With split second timing, he leapt from his chair and shifted at the same time, landing in the middle of the room with fangs dripping and growls loud enough to be heard at the other end of the house.

Watching a huge wolf land five feet away from him, in a fighting stance with warning growls rumbling out of a tooth-filled mouth caused Kieran to squeal, drop his sandwich, fall to the ground and crawl under the table, trying to hide. Closing his eyes, he called on his spirit to help him and found it chastising the wolf for scaring his mate. Logan’s wolf looked at the tiny spirit facing him down and chuffed as he received the order, lowering his belly to the floor and placing his head on his front paws.

Kieran opened his eyes after hearing the order and seeing his mate’s wolf in all his beauty, slowly crawled out, got up, and walked hesitantly over to Logan. Stretching out his hand, he gently touched the wolf between the ears, loving the feeling of the soft fur under his fingertips. Then remembering what had happened, Kieran bopped Logan on the forehead saying, “Holy shit balls! Do you know you almost caused me to have a heart attack? Wolves don’t even get heart attacks! Or are you trying to scare me to death because I’m pretty sure that can happen to a wolf although I’m not sure when that ever did happen but let me tell you, the way my heart is pounding, I’m halfway there! Before you went all caveman on me, did you think about anything? Like me being hungry? I thought about you, all tired and sleeping when I tiptoed over here to eat. You know, like food? You ate but didn’t wake me, so I could too! That was nice of you because I was exhausted, and you did save me some which did surprise me seeing how big your wolf is, but still, you took years off my life or maybe you added wrinkles to my face. Oh shit! Not wrinkles—anything but wrinkles—if I have any, I’m blaming you because you scared the bejeebies out of me.”

Kieran ran to a mirror, carefully examining his face. “Wrinkles will ruin my face and then what, you won’t want me anymore because I won’t be cute…oh my gods…I think I have one.” Kieran turned around, stomping his foot and putting his hands on his hips. “We need to have a talk about you checking with our spirit before you pull a stunt like that again.”

Logan’s wolf tilted his head, wondering why his mate was so upset before finally deciding to put his head back down and whining to tell Kieran how sorry he was. Logan was in full agreement with his wolf, deciding not to shift back since his mate didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Gee, he’s cute when he gets angry.

“Listen to me you big oaf—our spirit will tell you where I am. All you have to do is ask. If you had, I wouldn’t have a wrinkle or years taken from my life. Honestly, am I going to have to train your wolf too? I mean really, Logan, my looks will be ruined if you keep scaring me half to death. I mean I’m already halfway there, so it would only take one more time for you to scare the other half and I don’t want that at all. It’s so final and with my luck, I’ll die with my face all screwed up with an ugly look and then what are my mourners going to think? Fuck, what an ugly wolf and I’m not ugly. I’m very cute and you have to make sure I stay that way. So. Control. Your. Damn. Wolf.”

Unable to hold back anymore, Logan’s wolf was chuffing hard now at Kieran’s tirade including the final pose of his hands on his hips and his foot tapping the floor in frustration. Damn, my mate is cute!

“Shift, dammit! We need to talk, and you better not be laughing at me or you’ll be sleeping in the woods!”

With that warning, Logan shifted, but couldn’t stop smiling at his mate. “I’m sorry, babe, I was trying to protect you. I didn’t know our spirit would know where you were, and I was worried about you.” Logan walked closer and stared at his mate’s face. “I don’t see any new wrinkles…”

“Oh. My. Gods!” Kieran cried, turning back around to look in the mirror, “What oldwrinkles are you talking about? I don’t see any.” Concentrating on his face, he didn’t see his mate come up behind him, until Logan turned him around and picked him up until their cocks were rubbing and Kieran’s legs were wrapped around his mate’s waist.

“Now, that’s more like it,” said Logan, as he headed over to the table and sat down with Kieran his lap. Picking up his mate’s half-eaten sandwich, he tore off a piece and held it up to Kieran’s mouth, popping it in when it opened. Without talking, Logan continued to feed his mate until the food was gone. Smirking, he said, “Glad to see you can be quiet long enough to eat.”

Kieran giggled, feeling much better with a full stomach and his fear gone. “Thanks for trying to protect me,” he said as his hands played with the hair on Logan’s chest. “But I meant what I said. Our spirit will always know where I am.”

“I’m sorry for scaring you, but I didn’t even think… I just heard something and the last I knew, you were dead to the world…well not dead, dead…but…you know what I mean,” Logan said. “Let me look closely—I don’t want anything to mar the cutest face I ever saw.”

Kieran’s cheeks turned pink as he felt Logan’s admiring gaze directed at him. Swatting at his mate’s chest, he said, “Stop it. Now you’re teasing me!”

Author Bio

I never went to school to learn writing nor attended a writing workshop, but it didn’t stop me from entering a writing contest and from that came my first book, Dire Warning.

Readers loved it and I was on my way to chronicling the Blackwood Pack, seven brothers who are gay wolf shifters in search of their fated mates– stories about love at first sight with twists and turns, angst and humor, romance and adventure and, of course, happy endings.

My stories come to me as if they were being channeled by my characters, all of whom I love (except for a few villains). They are eager to recount their lives, loves and adventures and are not inhibited when it comes to revealing steamy details.

I love the M/M paranormal genre because it gives my imagination a lot of territory in which to roam. My mind can really run wild and come up with some amazing stuff when it doesn’t have to stay inside the box.

Although my writing is sometimes raw—that’s the way I like to tell my stories—readers love it and are clamoring for more.

I currently live in the Northeast and love the beautiful change of seasons, my husband, and our quirky calico cat, though not necessarily in that order.


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24 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Ice Soul, by Mary Rundle”

  1. Well, I’m going to join the group of people lusting for your cover… It is really enticing! And the blurb sounds great too. I’ve just added it to my TBR pile

  2. I loved this book, and can’t wait for the next one! Each book just keeps getting better and better, and I love learning more about the brothers, their mates, powers, personalities, etc., and seeing the drama/action unfold. You’re killing it Mary!!

  3. I loved this book! Each one just keeps getting better and better and I love getting to know the brothers, their mates, powers, and personalities, as well as all the new editions to their family. I can’t wait for the next one. You’re killing it Mary!

  4. Your last three books were brilliant, and from what I’ve read so far of Ice Soul is amazing, I absolutely love your books!! Never stop writing them.

  5. I can’t wait to read this, I love this series and I’m so excited to get to know Kieran and Logan better!

  6. This was such an amazing book. I am looking forward to the next in the series! I can’t tell you enough about how much I have enjoyed all the books in this series. Thank you for writing it’s so appreciated!

  7. I loved this book so much. It was one of my all time favorites. I cried like a baby. If you haven’t read this, grab tissues. The cover is beautiful too.

  8. This entire series is wonderful. As soon as a new one comes out its always my next read and cant put them down. Such a great way to destress from everyday life. Your an amazong author thank you


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