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New Release: Hunter’s Forbidden Mate – Blake R. Wolfe

Hunter's Forbidden Mate - Blake R. Wolfe

QSFer Blake R. Wolfe has a new MM paranromal romance out, Ombra Pack Chronicles book 5: Hunter’s Forbidden Mate. As the new pack Beta, humans are strictly off limits. But when my long-lost childhood best friend unexpectedly lands on top of me, I can’t keep my hands off him. Logan It’s been almost fifteen years since I stepped foot in this small town, and nothing has changed. Then I run face-first into my childhood best friend and I couldn’t be happier. But there’s more to him now than I remember. He’s hunky, charming, and has the most beautiful hazel eyes … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Fugitive – Gigi DeGraham

Fugitive - Gigi DeGraham

Gigi DeGraham has a new MM paranormal romance out, Steele Pack book 2: Fugitive. Ryan is stubborn, he always has been. Patience has never been Thomas’s best trait. It’s been nine lonely years. Ryan thought Thomas was dead. Some secrets can’t be told. There are rules and laws that can’t be broken and often unreasonable Gods enforcing them. It’s going to be an uphill climb to fight for Ryan’s forgiveness. All Thomas wants is to spend the rest of his life with his soulmate (even if he is a fugitive), for them to have the picture-perfect life they always dreamed … Read more

New Release: Parker’s Forbidden Mate – Blake R. Wolfe

Parker's Forbidden Mate - Blake R. Wolfe

QSFer Blake R. Wolfe has a new MM paranormal romance out, Ombra Pack Chronicles book 1: Parker’s Forbidden Mate. AIDENJust when I thought things were looking up, my entire life falls apart, thanks to some guy. Now I’ve sworn off men forever since I can’t trust myself to pick the right one. And that’s the moment I met him, the tall, dark, and handsome man with golden eyes. But I can’t have him.My life is crumbling around my ears, and the last thing I need is to complicate it with a man in the picture. Now if I could just … Read more

Review: Hummus on Rye – Karenna Colcroft

Hummus on Rye

Genre: Parnormal, Shifters, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book A six-year-old human child, who recently moved with his single father into the heart of the Boston North Pack’s territory, is missing–and Alpha Tobias Rogan has been framed for kidnapping the boy. Meanwhile, a new pack member with a traumatic past has drawn Saul Hughes, the rogue Alpha with a grudge against Tobias, to Boston. Kyle Slidell, Tobias’s mate, spots Saul and realizes he must be behind the child’s kidnapping. But Saul has retained his powers and uses them to erase his presence from … Read more

New Release: Shifting Winter – Minerva Howe

Shifting Winter - Minerva Howe

QSFer Minerva Howe has a new MM paranormal romance out, Misunderstood book 2: Shifting Winter. John Leahy had no idea how he became a werewolf, but there’s one thing he does know. He’s struggling with everything from fitting into the wolf community up in the high mountains of Utah to controlling his shifting. John wants to fit in, to find a home, but most of all, he wants to impress pack co-leader Keegan. Keegan and his brother took over the pack a few years ago, but there are still some members who think that was a mistake. So it doesn’t … Read more

REVIEW: The Blood Witch – Holly Day

The Blood Witch - Holly Day

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book Nick Adore has been in hiding for six years. He does his best to pass himself off as human and only wants to be left alone. But one day, he walks in on a robbery. Instead of quietly walking away, he reveals himself as a blood witch, and now the werewolf king demands to see him. Conri Biast is king. He has been the king of Norbridge for eleven years, but someone is trying to take him down. For months, he’s known there’s a blood … Read more

REVIEW: Unwanted Appeal – Kaje Harper

Unwanted Appeal - Kaje Harper

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book Do strangers want to join Aaron’s pack, or wipe it from the face of the earth? Aaron, Alpha of Minneapolis West, is tired of other werewolves threatening his pack for harboring a gay wolf and his mate. Werewolves have more important things to worry about, with humans closing in on discovering them. But the arrival of two strange wolves on his doorstep, asking for sanctuary, pits compassion against safety. Can he let these two in and still keep his pack and his mate Zach safe? … Read more

REVIEW: Unexpected Demands – Kaje Harper

Unexpected Demands - Kaje Harper

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book He’d rather fight enemy wolves and rogue humans than face his own heart. When Aaron took down a violent, power-crazed wolf and inherited half a pack, he knew being Alpha wasn’t going to be easy. A week later, he’s finding out what an understatement that was. Other werewolves are calling for the extermination of his pack’s gay wolf, or for Aaron’s own death, and the risk of exposure to humans is growing. Aaron can’t afford to let his long-suppressed sexuality escape his rigid control. When … Read more

REVIEW: Unacceptable Risk – Kaje Harper

Unacceptable Risk - Kaje Harper

Genre: Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay, Bisexual Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book For a hidden shifter, falling in love with a man may be the death of them both. Simon Conley knows about being an outcast. Born into a secret werewolf pack, he’s the lone gay wolf, an outsider even among his packmates. The top wolves consider him a perversion, a failure, and a security risk. To survive in the human world, werewolves rely on absolute secrecy, and any breaches of their code are dealt with swiftly— and violently. So when Simon falls in love with … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unjustified Claims – Kaje Harper

Unjustified Claims - Kaje Harper

QSFer Kaje Harper has a new MM paranormal book out, Hidden Wolves Book 4: Unjustified Claims. His pack would’ve killed him for his kinks and desires; now his human lover can’t find out about his wolf. Brandt Davis loved being part of his Michigan werewolf pack, until they found his stash of gay photos. He escaped their anger, running in wolf-form into the wilderness, but he can’t live that way forever. And he can’t hide in fur like a coward when an injured man needs his help. Ethan Sjulstad knows life is making him crazy when a solo hike into … Read more