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REVIEW: Lawless Magic – N.R. Hairston

Lawless Magic - N. R. Hairston

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Aethena

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About The Book

Rusty’s a military man through and through. His entire life is order and discipline.

Chaz is untamed and unrestricted. He’s been a thief his entire life.

Rusty fell for Chaz the moment he laid eyes on him, but Chaz had a boyfriend at the time. 

Now that relationship has ended and Rusty would like to build something new with Chaz. 

They start to get close, but then someone close to Rusty is hurt. Rusty vows to make the perpetrator pay. Chaz refuses to leave Rusty’s side.

Together they take on a bloodthirsty killer intent on destroying all who oppose him. Rusty and Chaz would love to ignite their relationship, but they’ll have to stay alive to do it. 

The Review

The pulp style of storytelling from the previous volume of this series is continued in this book. The action only stops long enough for a quick refueling and starts right back up. For a short book, this story is crammed with events.

The story is told primarily from Rusty’s perspective which allows the reader a chance to get to know his character. Rusty has a surprisingly empathetic nature considering the pulp style of storytelling, and the reader will be hard pressed not to cheer him on as he tries to protect both the creatures around him and his romantic interest, Chaz, who was introduced in an early volume of the series. Although this is the sixth volume of the World Breaker Beginnings series, the story reads well as a standalone.

The author is talented at depicting graphic violence and creating vivid imagery of the different worlds Rusty visits. The disturbingly graphic violence leads to a rather satisfying resolution that will leave the reader anticipating more stories about the World Breaker universe.

This is a great read if you want a quick and dirty science fiction story with loads of action, a dash of romance, and some interesting applications of telekinesis.

The Reviewer

Lives in the Pacific Northwest and vacations in the desert as often as possible. She is allergic to garlic, sleeps during the day whenever possible, and breaks out in an allergic rash when exposed to excessive sunlight. She has a degree in engineering, works at a comic book store, and goes for long bike rides at night during the full moon because of the sun allergy. Aethena was forced to switch to mostly e-books and audio books when the last floor to ceiling bookcase started to overflow. She is on her fifth e-reader, and is contemplating using her engineering degree to design an e-reader that can withstand her capacity for destruction. 


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