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ANNOUNCEMENT: Lawless Magic – N. R. Hairston

Lawless Magic - N. R. Hairston

QSFer N.R. Hairston has a new MM fantasy out, World Breaker Beginnings Book 6: Lawless Magic.

Rusty’s a military man through and through. His entire life is order and discipline.
Chaz is untamed and unrestricted. He’s been a thief his entire life.

Rusty fell for Chaz the moment he laid eyes on him, but Chaz had a boyfriend at the time.

Now that relationship has ended and Rusty would like to build something new with Chaz.
They start to get close, but then someone close to Rusty is hurt. Rusty vows to make the perpetrator pay. Chaz refuses to leave Rusty’s side.

Together they take on a bloodthirsty killer intent on destroying all who oppose him. Rusty and Chaz would love to ignite their relationship, but they’ll have to stay alive to do it.

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Excerpt (1000 words max) Gutye was a gritty world filled with people looking for any opportunity to do the wrong thing. Around the corner from the warehouse was an alleyway filled with broken bottles and discarded trash. A strong stench clung to the asphalt and buildings. So much so, I had to convince myself I wasn’t standing waist deep in manure.

It was steaming hot on Gutye, giving one the feeling of being in a sauna. My clothes stuck to me, but it was fine. I’d been in a lot worse conditions.

Chaz flicked sweat from his hair. “Gonna jump in a lake after this.”

He looked like he’d already had a shower. That’s how hot it was here. I took out an energy bar. “We can go to the river when this is over.”

His eyes met mine and I saw a fire ignite in them. “Later,” he said, voice husky.

I opened my protein bar and bit into it. “I’ll hold you to that.”

Since we didn’t know what we’d be encountering, we ate at least three protein bars to keep our strength up.

Blake licked his fingers, then wiped crumbs from his mouth. “Ready to roll,” he said.

We gathered around him, touching his arm or shoulder. One second we were in the alleyway, the next we stood in a warehouse full of people.

It was bright in here. Overhead lights took up the whole of the ceiling, illuminating everything around us. Rows of boxes were stacked against the wall, with plenty of room on the floor.

The place smelled like dust and grime. The particles floating through the air entered my nose, making me want to sneeze. I held it in and looked for the man in charge. I found him on the other side of the warehouse talking to a group of men.

I saw twenty men joined in conversation but surrounding them were at least fifty bodyguards. The conversation seemed lively, and Hectin was right there in the center.

I looked at Chaz and the others. We all walked forward. Hectin was in the middle of a sentence but stopped talking when he saw us.

Hectin was a tall man. At least six feet. He had broad shoulders and a large scar under his right eye, that looked like it’d been made by a sharp knife. He wore his hair shaved close to his head, his skin a dark olive color.

He was a ruthless businessman, used to having his way and killing anyone who tried to stop him. He was unnecessarily cruel. It showed in his demeanor and how he carried himself.

One look at him and you knew exactly who he was. He didn’t try to hide it because he’d never had a reason to. His subordinates did what he said without question.

From what I understood of him, he’d never faced consequences for his actions, so now he thought himself invincible. I’d be happy to relieve him of such assumptions.

He smiled when he saw us. Like he’d been standing there waiting for us to appear. Those around him turned our way too, including the bodyguards.

Hectin looked at his handcom. “Did I miss a meeting?”

I hadn’t come here to dance with him. I wouldn’t fall for his games. “You kidnaped a Leis from Buge. Give him back, please.”

His eyes hardened. He had a room full of people willing to do his bidding. He thought that gave him the upper hand.

Energy crackled around me, ready to be released. I almost pitied Hectin’s optimism because this wouldn’t end the way he thought it would.

He gestured toward the door. “I’m asking you to leave my place of business, please.”

I nodded. “I’ll be happy to. Just as soon as you return the Leis you stole.”

His nostrils flared ever so slightly. Had I not been paying attention I would’ve missed it. He was good at controlling his emotions, but it was clear to me he was seething.

We had the audacity to come into his warehouse and hold him accountable for his actions. Just who did we think we were?

I took a step forward. The bodyguards moved toward us.

“I asked nicely,” I said. “You kidnapped someone. How’d you really see that working out for you?”

He clasped his hands behind his back and spoke to open air. “People who approach me without invitation often lose arms, legs, heads.” He turned to the bodyguards. “I want them out of here.”

The bodyguards charged like he’d just pushed the magic button that turned them deadly.

My skin was impenetrable. They could hit me with everything they had, and it wouldn’t make a dent. Blue light shot up Chaz’s arms. He was tapping into Hectin and his men’s powers, learning how they worked.

A fireball bounced off my skin. The guy who’d thrown it blinked, then threw another. I smacked it away. His eyes widened, and he ran toward me.

I focused on his insides, using my telekinesis to rip his lungs out. Another one hit me from behind. I didn’t feel it, but the force caused me to stumble forward. I quickly turned, using my power of transformation to change him into a small insect. Then I stomped him with my shoe.

Chaz had taken some firepower as his own. Two men ran at him. Chaz flicked his fingers. Fire ran up the first man’s arms and chest. He screamed, the smell of charred flesh filling the air.

Chaz also had someone’s telekinesis power. The second guy swung blue energy towards Chaz’s head. Chaz ducked. Then he used telekinesis to remove the guy’s head from his body.

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N.R. Hairston resides in Southern Virginia with her family. She enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.

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