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ANNOUNCEMENT: Limited Run – Dani Hermit & Curtis Star

Limited Run

QSFers Dani Hermit and Curtis Star have a new MM dark superhero yaoi romance out, Burn Outs Book 6: Limited Run.

Can Curtis save his beloved Boris? Or will he sacrifice everything for love?

With Colton’s day of execution looming ever closer, there isn’t much time for a rescue mission, so Thomas, Boris, and Curtis will have to find their own way out of Stanley’s clutches.

While those three are struggling to plan an escape, Matt and Leo must learn to work together for Colton’s sake. The two of them have more help than they could ever need, but will it be enough if they can’t put aside the past long enough to outsmart the Priests, the military, and Stanley?

Trigger warnings for dub/noncon, super tragic backstories, explicit sex, angsty gay dudes, and cliffhangers. This series reads like a Netflix season, so every book is like an episode that leads up to the epic conclusion in book 7.

Follow the adventures of Matt, Colton, and their superpowered friends in the Burn Outs series!

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This task felt like it could be the missing piece. Whatever Stanley had in that room needed to be kept at a very high temperature. Curtis had to watch and report what it was every two hours, and the one time it had dipped under the requirements, he contacted Stanley immediately and been given directions on how to bring the temperature back up without going in the room.

In the back of Curtis’s mind, Stanley’s chilling speech about his future made him wonder if letting it fall those three degrees was enough of a trespass to warrant death. He hoped not because it wasn’t time for that yet. Everything had to be in place first. When Stanley opened his arms as if he was inviting a hug, Curtis stopped short.

“Thank you, Curtis. I hope this morning finds you well.” Stanley kept walking towards him and gave him the warm greeting his open arms suggested. Curtis was almost pulled off his feet in Stanley’s strong embrace. “You are a rarity. Your quick response to the erroneous reading saved everything that matters to me.”

As Stanley pulled back Curtis didn’t know what was more shocking – that Stanley hadn’t stabbed him in the back during the hug or that Stanley’s eyes were wet. Which for the turn-on-a-dime psycho was a bit unnerving.

“I only did what you asked.” Curtis said with a bit of embarrassment as Stanley hugged him again.

“You did more than that. You showed me without a doubt you are one of my family members, one of my troupe.” Stanley was going through a large ring of keys, finally unlocking the door to the rooms Curtis had spent the last few days recording and observing from the outside. “It’s time for me to introduce you to them. Your new family.”

In the basement? Curtis was an avid reader of horror and speculative fiction as well as detective novels and one day hoped to be a writer of the same. His creative mind was providing him with some Lovecraftian level nightmare ideas of what was in this basement. Hoping when Stanley said “part of the troupe” he didn’t mean “the pieces I make of you with a chainsaw to feed Cthulhu.”

“There’s nothing to fear, Curtis.” Stanley stepped down the stairs, the light rising from almost black to soft and cheery as he descended.

Exactly what one says when luring someone into their torture basement. Curtis reminded himself as he stepped down slowly. “Afraid, me? Nah. This is way too dank and dark for you to be planning me a spectacular death. You have a certain flair about those things.”

Author Bio

Dani Hermit & Curtis Star are a married pair of writers who have been perfecting their craft even longer than they have been perfecting their marriage – over 20 years for both! It was a mutual love of slash fic and writing deep, angsty stories that lead to their love for each other.

It has been a rocky road full of pitfalls and potholes that has lead to the current format of writing dark and kinky boy’s love and gay romance novels that are becoming the bedrock of the Hermit & Star brand.

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