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ANNOUNCEMENT: Medium to Well – Edie Montreaux

Medium to Well

QSFer Edie Montreux has a new MM Paranormal book out: Medium to Well.

Ash Barrett is a scientist. He believes in facts. But even he has to admit something supernatural is happening in his apartment. The ghost of his dead fiancé wants something from him. Ash needs reinforcements to figure out what.

Kenny Nguyen, late-night talk show host of Medium to Well, is in the business of helping people finish theirs–of the unfinished and spirit variety. He’s seen it all, but Ash’s deceased love has the most outrageous request Kenny’s heard in a while. He’d say no, except Ash is gorgeous, kind, and willing to do anything to lay his fiancé’s spirit to rest.

If Kenny accepts a ghostly indecent proposal, could Ash still want a relationship after? And for a man who believes in science, can Ash trust what he can’t see and take a chance at love?

Medium to Well is a 53k word paranormal M/M Romance between a haunted marine biologist and a television personality who talks to spirits for a living. This book contains ghostly shenanigans, malevolent spirits and poltergeists who find a change of heart, therapy and grief counseling, a grumpy old mentor, and a haunted Hollywood happily ever after!

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Kenny Nguyen. Holy shit. Ash was sitting close enough to reach out and touch him. They were at a restaurant, about to have dinner together. If Ash didn’t think about how the offer to dinner had come about, he could almost pretend it was a date.

That would mean forgetting Stephen, and Ash wasn’t about to do that.

Kenny had been sitting with his eyes closed for a long time, long enough for the server to approach, fill their water glasses, drop off the menus and retreat into the darkness. When Kenny’s eyes opened, Ash was surprised to see they were just as warm brown as ever, no otherworldly swirling clouds or lightning. 

“I think he heard your conversation with Alejandra and wanted us to meet,” Kenny said. “He thought it would change my mind.”

There was no question who “he” was. Kenny had been communicating with Stephen. The skin on the back of Ash’s neck tingled.

“Will it?”

“No. We don’t speak to poltergeists on the show. They’re too volatile.” Kenny sighed. “Alejandra offered you a free ticket?”

Ash nodded. “Is that a good idea?” He’d been looking forward to attending the show. When he was alive, Stephen would nudge Ash during the credits, when the high, clipped voice Ash now recognized as Alejandra’s would announce they needed people to fill their live studio audience. They’d never called the number for more information, something Ash regretted.

“It’s not safe,” Kenny said. “Communicating with poltergeists isn’t as easy as with spirits. Which show are you attending?”

“Next Tuesday at two.” The anniversary of Stephen’s death. He held back the information in case Kenny said he couldn’t attend at all. They had to be close to filming the last shows of the season.

Kenny nodded. “That will give me more time to research. Poltergeists aren’t common, and I’ll need to observe before I try to communicate directly with him.”

“You’re not directly communicating with him now?”

Kenny shook his head. “I’m receiving images and feelings. When I ask for more information, he slips away. Spirits have an easy give and take, but Stephen’s fighting every attempt to steer the conversation.”

“Sounds like him.” Ash laughed and then felt guilty for laughing. He had no right to laugh at Stephen’s stubbornness, now that he was gone.

The server returned with a bottle of red wine and a plate of onion rings. “The usual, Mr. Nguyen? I didn’t want to disturb you earlier.”

“T-Bone, medium-well,” Kenny said. He glanced at the server, and then at Ash. “Don’t say it.”

“That’s adorable,” Ash said, laughing. “Medium to well is how you like your steak?”

Kenny shook his head and looked up at the server. “I told him not to say it.”

The server turned to Ash. “And for you, Sir?” 

“Oh, no, I couldn’t …”

“It’s on me,” Kenny said, bumping Ash’s shoe beneath the table. “My treat.”

Ash swallowed. How the hell did Stephen still get him into messes like this, even after he was dead? 

Author Bio

Edie Montreux is demisexual and an ally for all aspects of the LGBTQ+ rainbow. She loves her husband, Queen, dogs, and video games. Edie works full-time to support her LGBTQ-fiction writing habit, but still finds time to walk the dogs and protect imaginary worlds from fantasy creatures. You can find her online at


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