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ANNOUNCEMENT: My Little Green Girlfriend – Kimberly Hart

My Little Green Girlfriend - Kimberly Hart

Kimberly Hart has a new lesbian sci fi comedy out: “My Little Green Girlfriend.”

When Marsha’s broken teleporter sends her to Earth, her only priority is to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, she has no way to get off this primitive planet or even contact home. Since she’s stuck here indefinitely, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Sophie is surprisingly calm when the beautiful woman wandering the streets says she’s from outer space. Having often felt like an alien herself, she’s determined to help Marsha however possible – even if that means letting the complete stranger move in with her.

As Marsha tries to settle in on Earth, Sophie realizes she’s unique in the universe. It’s not just Marsha’s unearthly good looks; Sophie is drawn to her kind and curious nature. Meanwhile, Marsha realizes that even a backwards planet can be home to intelligent life – and that the life form called Sophie is also downright sexy. 

Will Marsha find her way home? Or will her heart convince her to change her plans?

(My Little Green Girlfriend is an 80,000-word light-hearted romance about a misfit and an alien. It stands alone as the first in a trilogy.)

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Later, Sophie Dawson would wish she’d been looking toward the McDonald’s at that fateful moment. If she’d been in the same place at the same time but rotated one hundred and eighty degrees, that would’ve saved her a lot of confusion.

Then again, she might not have believed her eyes. Her life up to now had been comparatively mundane. Everything that’d happened to her in the past thirty-four years had followed the laws of science as she understood them.

Nothing had prepared her to watch an extraterrestrial life form shimmer into being.

So maybe it was for the best that she was standing outside the used bookstore, her head down as she dug through the rack of three-for-a-buck paperback mystery novels. Her thoughts were on the relative merits of Agatha Christie versus John Grisham, and whether she should stick with the old standard that never went wrong or take a chance on something more modern and, dare she say it, more exciting.

The first sign that anything was amiss was the voice that squeaked out, “Help.”

Engrossed in the back-cover copy of a Christie novel—she was trying to remember if she’d read it before, because they all blended together after a certain point—she ignored it. The voice was barely audible, and she thought she’d imagined it.

But the voice came a second time, and this one was louder and more confident. “Help?”

Sophie swiveled her head, taking care not to move her body. She had learned that, in a city the size of Rocksoil, it was best to not draw attention to herself. Downtown could be scary late at night—it was already past nine in the evening—and being overly cautious was better than not being cautious enough.

Once she saw the person behind her, she relaxed. The woman was about her age or a little younger, and she was standing right in the middle of the street. Sophie’s natural caring instinct kicked in, and she set the books on the rack, vowing to come back and finish her selection later.

Hurriedly, Sophie took the stranger’s arm and led her to the other side of the street. Under the bright light of the McDonald’s, she examined her. The woman’s dazed expression was the first thing she noticed. She was also—well, beautiful.

Her skin was a light shade of brown, like the golden oak of Sophie’s coffee table, and she had pin-straight, jet-black hair. Her features were unlike any Sophie had ever seen; there was something otherworldly about her appearance.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie asked. “What do you need help with?”

“I—I—” The woman spoke haltingly, as if she’d forgotten how to use her mouth to construct syllables together and put them together to form words. “I’m not supposed to be here.”

Author Bio

Kim Hartfield is a queer woman who’s been writing since she could pick up a pen. Her novels are sweet and steamy, and they always end with a happily-ever-after. She also writes sci-fi lesbian romance under the name Kimberly Hart. Find her on Facebook under Kim Hartfield, or join her group The Romantic Hart!

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