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Announcement: Occlusion – Valerie J. Mikles

Announcement: Occlusion - Valerie J. Mikles

QSFer Valerie J. Mikles has a new queer sci-fi book out, New Dawn book 9: Occlusion.

Hawk’s people need the truth to survive. The Protected only care about saving themselves.

Having traveled the world to find a cure for a city-wide malady, Hawk is anxious about his return home. Although facing a death sentence, he believes the medicine he’s brought can save his city from extinction. But when he and the captain start behaving oddly, the crew suspects a hybrid is pulling the strings in Rocan, altering people’s perceptions, and even occluding the cause of the malady itself.

Hawk’s resistance to the altered reality raises red flags among the Protected, a group of humans living in a neighboring realm that relies on Rocan to exist. The Protected also want the cure, and they plan to steal it. Exposing the Protected could collapse the walls of the city, killing everyone in Rocan. Can Hawk fight the control of the Protected to save himself, his family, and his city?

Occlusion is the final installment of the New Dawn space opera series. If you enjoy found family stories and the blending of technology with psionic power, you’ll love this riveting, multi-dimension fantasy space opera.

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Author Bio

I’m an aromantic, asexual, agender person who is currently using she/her pronouns. Writing has given me the opportunity to discover and represent so many identities, and in turn find myself. I feel like diverse identities should exist in literature without being a central aspect of the plot. I have created several short films about asexuality, inspired by my own journey to self-discovery. Learn more about my creative side and my writing at

I’m also a PhD astronomer and former black hole hunter. I defected from academia and currently work for NOAA as a Senior Systems Engineer on a polar-orbiting weather satellite. My motto in life is that I can be everything I want, just not all at the same time.

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