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Announcement: Parliament of Twilight Episode 2 Illustrated, by Dani Hermit and Nevi Star

Parliament of Twilight 2QSFers Dani Hermit and Nevi Star have a new illustrated version of their Yaoi series out:

When faced with terror and assassination attempts, the men of the Parliament of Twilight must show what they are made of.

Will Brodie be able to save himself from the very real horrors of a haunted house on the fake ghost hunting show? What about the wheelchair bound assassin known as Night Owl? What is he going to do with this new partner and a mission that could prove to be impossible? Can Julian find a way to feed his demanding nature that doesn’t involve Marius smuggling prostitutes into the hospital?

And what about RT’s new romance with the much younger Kayden Miles? Will Kayden’s father prove to be their undoing or the least of their worries?

The next installment of the Parliament of Twilight series delivers mortal peril, real demons, internet porn, and the beginnings of young love. More questions are asked than answered, but these boys are just getting warmed up!


Trying his best to be brave, Brodie knew he was just faking it. He was terrified beyond all reason. The house had trapped him inside. The house that was supposed to be full of old furniture and cobwebs. The house that he had been assured wouldn’t be a danger to anyone. It wasn’t a prank by the TV show staff. It wasn’t Jacob trying to freak him out. There was something dark and evil actually trying to get him.

And his only hope of salvation was Jacob Kruez, faker extraordinaire.

Brodie covered his mouth, taking in breath with short bursts, hoping to fill his lungs without drawing in the choking evil that was manifesting in the air around him. He tried to move about the room, hoping to shake off the hold the dark mist had on him. But he quickly realized that no matter what he did, he was being ever so slowly dragged away from the door and towards the basement stairs.

Fumbling in his pocket for anything that might change the atmosphere like he always boasted he could do, Brodie came up with some string. Maybe tying back the heavy curtains would let in some sunlight. He struggled against the evil mist to attempt to hold one of the curtains up long enough to tie it to something. It was sloppy but he managed to get the string around the curtain and lash it to the hat rack next to the window.

Unfortunately, whatever had hold of him didn’t seem all that interested in his home decorating tricks. Brodie could feel that he had indeed changed the energy flow in the room, but it did little to change what was happening. He was forced to admit that the entities lurking in the shadows were nothing like the little ghosts he’d helped on a handful of his shows. He didn’t want to spare a thought about what they were or what they might be interested in. He just wanted to leave.

He wondered if he should call out to Jacob. It would be risky with the hungry mist swirling all around, waiting to steal his breath. Still, maybe it would be like the movies. He would yell for Jacob and through their growing connection, the ghost hunter would hear. Jacob would rush to his rescue and pull him back from the threshold of certain doom. Then they would share a passionate embrace and the screen would fade to black.

Yeah, right.

This was reality TV, not one of the daytime soaps Brodie secretly loved to watch. Besides, Jacob would probably be glad to be rid of him. He shouldn’t risk his life on the hope that they had somehow formed some kind of soul deep romance movie connection in the short time they had been working together. They didn’t even get along most of the time.

And there was also the fact that Jacob was completely useless. He wasn’t a real ghost hunter at all. Just a fake looking to make a quick buck from people who believed in his stories like Brodie himself had done until he met him. Brodie had looked him up online after that first night. Jacob Kruez used to swindle the rich and famous with promises of contacting dead relatives and expelling evil spirits before he had his role on Ghost House. He had never been real and couldn’t be counted on for anything.

That meant Brodie had to do something on his own. But what? He was certain he would respect himself a lot more if he could get himself out of this. And of course, there was the appeal of not dying. His mind worked overtime, seeking the way out and trying not to remember that he didn’t have a clue what he had stumbled into. An odd bluish light on the floor caught his eye and drew him out of his desperate planning.

Somehow, he’d been pulled down the basement stairs while he had been trying to come up with a brilliant plan for escape. Now, he was standing right in the middle of a wavering circle of light. Standing wasn’t exactly the right word. The mist was holding him up about a foot off the floor. What felt like ropes looped over his wrists and upper arms, forcing them to stay suspended straight out at his side. He felt like he was being crucified over the lighted circle.

Unable to move, Brodie had nothing to distract him from the sound of the voices. They were all around him. They moved in a circle about the basement, growing slowly louder. Whispers. Shouts. Laughter. Bits of song in languages he’d never heard. All of it with tones and words of violence, darker and more disturbing than anything he’d ever heard or could ever have imagined.

Suddenly calling for Jacob was worth trying again, even if it meant risking a mouthful of mist.

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Author Bio

One half of the writing team of Hermit & Star Books, Dani Hermit started out as an avid lover of books. Around age 12, there was a moment that she clearly remembers that changed her life from being a bookworm to a writer. Standing in the local library, she looked around at all the books and realized that someone had to write all of them. She went home that day determined that she was going to be one of those someones.

Beginning with some really fun, though never to see the light of day, X-Men fanfics, she honed her craft until she met the love of her life and art school survivor, Nevi Star. Coming from a similar life-long love of books and stories, it was easy for the pair to bond over their love of writing. They began working on a massive multi-author project together and fell in love along the way. They have been partners in love and work for over 15 years.

Together they have been working on the Parliament of Twilight books, in all their various incarnations, for ten years along with other side projects and fanfictions. In 2014, they finally found the format and final version of the P.o.T. books and have been working diligently on making them the best they can be.

In addition to working with Nevi, Dani has also been working on several stories of her own that she hopes to release in 2015.

When not writing, thinking about writing, editing her writing, or writing some more, Dani is watching TV, obsessing over anime, or devouring books. She reads Tarot and does book cover design on the side to fund her book obsession and writing needs. Nevi spends her non-writing hours drawing, painting, and joining Dani in her TV and anime obsessions.


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