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Announcement: Radisq, by Toby Aden

RadisqQSFer Toby Aden has a new MM fantasy romance out:

By the general law of their species, once a royal fae hit one hundred, the fae was to spend a year touring the four kingdoms. However, for Prince Radisq, it would be his first journey away from all he was familiar with. The celebration held in honor of his hundredth birthday marked not only his sojourn into the other kingdoms but also marked his first foray into finding his mate, with the mating call only occurring once every hundred years, and only lasting a few months.

For Aaeren, the firstborn son of the fire kingdom, he had never known love of the soul mate kind. In fact, he didn’t believe in it, nor want it. After all, what need had he of someone constantly underfoot when he could enjoy the camaraderie of other sports. He had no desire to partake in the water prince’s celebration, but during their first meeting, sparks fly and resistance is futile.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“Lords and Ladies. Who is that yummy hunk?” Radisq breathed, captivated.

Radisq had already been bored, monotonously greeting all the nobles as they stepped up to him. With the exception of Ilno keeping him company, he was still anxious about the party and thus unable to enjoy it. Even still, he had been raised to be gracious at all times and thus had absentmindedly performed his duty as a host, but the moment hair the color of flame and eyes the shape of almonds caught his attention, boredom had quickly vanished.

“You might want to tone it down a bit, cuz. You’re broadcasting,” Ilno said with a chuckle. “But right you are. That is one hunky man.”

“He’s mine!” Radisq said with a low growl, blushing when Ilno sent him an amused glance, with both hands raised as though in surrender.

“He’s coming this way,” Ilno whispered.

Immediately, Radisq turned his attention to the man headed their way. He was, simply put, the most gorgeous and breathtaking man Radisq had ever seen, and his breath quickened with the man’s every movement.

Flowing red hair touched down to the man’s waist, swishing back and forth as he moved seductively toward them. He had a few decorations holding back his long, long hair from his face, directing the hair to fall straight down his back, revealing his pointed tipped ears. The man was lean, but still, he commanded the attention of everyone around him.

Radisq felt as though he and the man were the only beings in existence. He was unaware that he held his breath as the man approached, anticipating that moment when they finally stood a mere distance apart. For the first time in Radisq’s life, he felt a stirring in his groin, and he wanted to jump into the man’s arms to devour him whole.

Finally, the man stopped before him and gave a slight bow before straightening to his full height, locking gazes with him. At once, the breath he’d been holding rushed out of his lungs in a whoosh. His face flushed with both excitement and wonderment, Radisq was unable to look away from those bluer-than-blue eyes, taking in the man’s features as he committed it to memory.

He wanted nothing more than to rush into the man’s arm, but the trance he was held in rooted him to the spot.

“I am Prince Aaeren of the Fire Kingdom.” A smooth, silky baritone drifted to Radisq, washing over him like honey.

Author Bio

Toby Aden has always had an overactive imagination. She is an avid reader who spends much of her time immersed in the world of romantic novels. After discovering the world of MM romance, she became irrevocably enthralled by it and decided to try her hand writing it.





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