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ANNOUNCEMENT: Revenge of the Brobot – JC calciano

Revenge of the Brobot

QSFer JC Calciano has a new MM sci fi romance out: Revenge of the Brobot.

Cutting edge technology company Hot Bot-y Robotics has created the perfect A.I. sexbot named, ROB (Robot with Organic Body).

But when its creator learns that the military wants to reprogram the robot into a state-of-the-art killing machine, he sends ROB out into the world to hide.

As fortune would have it, ROB finds sanctuary in the steam room of an old gym where he catches the eye of a swoll stud named, Chase.

Can Chase and his steam room bros save ROB’s titanium tush from a war-hungry General?
Will the amorous android find love and friendship with a sexy stud and his new ro-bros?

Note: Although not really part of a series – it’s the continuing adventures of a bunch of guys who hang out in a steam room. It’s the “sequel” to the film STEAM ROOM STORIES: THE MOVIE – Also, thanks for your time and consideration!

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Author Bio

Over his 35-year career, JC has worked in nearly all corners of the entertainment business: from major studio blockbusters, independent features, and reality television to documentaries, music videos, webisodes, and theater.

In 2010, JC founded Cinema175, an entertainment production company under which he produces, writes and directs projects that predominantly focus on comedy and romance genres.
His first feature film as writer/director was the groundbreaking gay romantic comedy Is It Just Me? An official selection of over 50 international film festivals, it won several awards and honors, including audience choice and best picture. This was followed by eCupid—an instant best seller in the LGBTQ genre, screening at over 60 film festivals and winning four best picture and audience choice awards.

JC’s third feature film, The 10 Year Plan, played at over 51 international film festivals, winning 10 awards for writing and filmmaking before being adapted into a male/male romance novel.

He is also the creator, director and producer of the world’s most popular and longest running YouTube LGBTQ web series, Steam Room Stories. The Steam Room Stories brand has inspired several spin-off projects, including an award-winning motion picture and a series of novels.
JC spends his personal time mentoring other filmmakers and serving as a film professor at UCLA’s film school.

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