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ANNOUNCEMENT: Runes, Ruin & Redemption, by Maz Maddox

Runes, Ruin, & Redemption - Maz Maddox

QSFer Maz Maddox has a new MMM historical fantasy romance out, book five in the Stallion Ridge series: “Runes, Ruin & Redemption.”

Redemption has long evaded the former Enforcer, Sebastian. 
Viewed as a monster, Sebastian has roamed the country in hiding, running from his bloody past and failures. A series of mistakes has left him hopelessly lost and waist deep in dark, uncharted territory. In order to escape certain death, he makes a deal that may seal his fate.

Lucas has been chasing after his heart for years. Sebastian has been a ghost he cannot grasp and the demons of his past are closing in. Joined by Elliot, a charming and mysterious doctor, the pair wades into darkness and untold dangers.
Lucas had expected to face all manner of foes on his way to save Sebastian. 

He didn’t expect Elliot to be the missing piece of the puzzle. 


Runes, Ruin & Redemption is book 5 in the Stallion Ridge series. While the relationships are self contained, the plot ties back to the first 2 books in the series. It is recommended to read those before starting with book 5. 

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“Hey.” Seb swung back around, missed the bar, crashed into the stool but caught himself before he hit the ground. After picking up the stool and steadying himself on the bar, he pointed a finger at the gritty, snarling bastard. The son of a bitch was still gripping the young man’s arm like he had claimed a trophy.

Seb sniffed and added, slightly slurring, “Leave him alone.”

“Or what?” The man barked a laugh. “You’ll fall on me? Piss off, you fucking drunk.”

“The gentleman said to l-,” Seb paused to hiccup. “Leave him alone.”

Without removing his claw like grip from his victim’s arm, the smug, fuzzy man tried to shove Seb backwards. Even though the moonshine was fighting for Seb to meet the floor, he wasn’t a man who was built to be shoved by anyone. It had been years since he was a soldier, but he still worked hard labor jobs to earn his pay. The gritty fuck was young and fit, but he wasn’t a man roughed and molded by war and labor.

Seb didn’t budge.

This pathetic display of underwhelming masculinity caused a couple patrons to laugh at the now angry man’s expense.

“Not easy pickin’ on someone bigger than you, is it?” Seb grinned proudly, holding onto the bar with one hand. “Let him go, or I’ll kick the shit out of you.”

Fury burned hotter than coal in the man’s eyes. He was embarrassed, which was always dangerous when mixed with a fragile man’s ego.

He discarded his captive with a shove, nearly throwing the poor man to the ground as he did. Seb made a move to help him, but the sudden flash of metal snapped him back to attention. When the hammer of the pistol was pulled back, the saloon went deathly silent.

“Easy.” Seb carefully raised his palms, the missing anchor he had on the bar caused him to sway. “No need to flash your piss…pistol.” He corrected, blinking hard. It would have been an amazing time to sober up, but moonshine was a son of a bitch. The barrel of the gun was frozen in place, inches from his head, while the blur of faces and furniture around it drifted in a slow circle. It made him a little dizzy.

“You’re not so tough now, are you? Fucking drunk.”

“Listen, let’s just sit and have a drink–”

The blast of gunfire was almost as painful as the bullet hammering against his skull. A sharp, high pitched whine deafened his ears from the noise, and the blistering headache that sprouted from his forehead made him holler in pain. It stung like hellfire and made him spit out a string of curses longer than a well hung Centaur.

One thing Seb did learn, is that taking a shot to the skull was the cure for being drunk on southern moonshine.

After finishing his long, screaming, cursing rant, Seb stomped his foot and pulled his hand away from his forehead to see if it was bleeding. It was, but nothing deep or permanent.

Bullets couldn’t kill this monster. No matter how much they fucking hurt.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” Seb demanded as he snatched the gun from the now ghostly white, speechless, limp dick who had shot him. “You shoot someone for telling you to act decent? I know your momma taught you better than that.”

“H–” the shaking, gunless, pencil dick man huffed as he tried to speak. Seb took the bullets from the gun before putting it onto the counter.

Seb had full intentions of giving the man more hell for his actions, but reality crept slowly back into his aching head. The fact that he was still alive, yelling and clearly not dead on the floor, wasn’t something that normal people did. Even a shifter would have been dead from an iron bullet that close to their skull.

All eyes were on Seb.

And all eyes were very afraid.

Author Bio

Maz Maddox is the odd lovechild between a unicorn, dinosaur and vampire. The outcome is a human-like figure who inherited aspects of all three. She is a champion of logic and science, adores beauty and whimsy, and has a slight streak of darkness that dances the line of genius and insanity. 

Residing in the wild land of cowboy boots and Shiner beer, Maz spends her time with her two dogs and a husband who she adores, and is constantly demanding that science gives her a pocket sized triceratops. The efforts of these demands have yet to be fulfilled.

When she’s not pining over the lack of chihuahua sized ornithischia, she’s a writer who loves crafting adventures tales sprinkled with humor, a hefty helping of romance, and topped with a happy ending.

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