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ANNOUNCEMENT: Seed of Harmony, by C. Arthur Shuey

Seed of Harmony

QSFer C. Arthur Shuey has a new MM sci fi book out:

A powerful Galactic Empire—devastated by a mysterious plague—lost in antiquity.

Terran Colonists—fleeing an Earth void of life and pursued by a hostile alien aggressor.

Two young Terran Explorers and their psychically bonded, genetically enhanced Panther teammates, are marooned on an unexplored planet when their ship is attacked. Injured and cut off from any hope of rescue, Jar’ek must save his friend and shipmate, Kallehn from imminent death. The Ranger team will need to use every bit of knowledge and skill they possess if they want to survive.

Unknown to the Ranger Team, this Planet is not as uninhabited as their surveys had indicated. Something else is there…. Something old beyond counting—watching—waiting—judging them. When Jar’ek and his team set foot on Jaden-325-4, they set into motion a future they know nothing about—yet may shake the very foundations of civilization.

This book is recommended for Sci-Fi enthusiasts 14 to 99.

Extensive Violence
Limited Sexual Content
Some romantic involvements

Space Opera Classification


Author Bio

     Welcome to the Author Site for C.Arthur Shuey and the Harmonic Empire Series of books.  I hope you enjoyed reading Seed of Harmonyand are registering for my newsletter to keep up-to-date with the next book in this exciting series.

     If you like the story, please do post a review on Amazon.  If you have questions about or suggestions for, the story-line, please join my BLOG and start posting!

     The Seed of Harmony is my first book.  I’ve been an avid Science Fiction Fan for as long as I can remember.  I have to thank my Mom for getting me interested in the Genre, and both of my big sisters have shared my interest over the years. The authors who influenced me most are Mary North(Andre Norton), Robert Heinlein, David Weber, Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov and Lawrence White.

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