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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sex Spells, by Pelaam

QSFer Pelaam has a new MM erotic paranormal romance out: “Sex Spells.”


Book one in The Devil’s in the Details series

Sex spells… Sometimes what they conjure can be deadly.
After being dumped by his latest boyfriend, Aiden lets a friend talk him into visiting a sex spells shop to get a spell or charm for good luck in love. The charm appears to work when he meets Lyall, the man of his dreams.

Garen, a special investigator of paranormal activity, is called in when a victim is found burned to death in his bed. With the help of his husband Luke, he looks for the link between subsequent victims to discover how to stop the demonic power that’s killing them.

When they find the link is Aiden, who is being used by a practitioner of the dark arts to conjure a demon of fire, it becomes a race against time to save him from becoming the final victim and thereby unleashing one of the most powerful fire demons ever known.

While Luke must try to protect Aiden and Lyall from a demonic force, Garen must face the demon’s summoner.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, descriptions of corpses and some homophobia from a minor character.

Pride Publishing


Every now and then, Aiden caught a glimpse of the handsome stranger but then lost sight of him in the crowd. The teasing glimpses only served to fuel Aiden’s desire to speak to the man.

“There he is.” Farrah gave Aiden a shove. “Go now!”

“Wish me luck.” Aiden didn’t wait. Leaving Farrah swaying to the music, Aiden kept his gaze fixed on his target, weaving around dancers and drinkers. Heart hammering so hard Aiden felt as if he’d run a marathon, he approached the stranger. 

Just as he got close enough to almost touch him, a couple moved in front of Aiden, obscuring the man from view. With a whispered curse, Aiden hurried forward, concerned he’d lose him again.

Instead, he almost ran straight into him. The big man’s eyes opened wide then grew warm as he smiled down at Aiden.
“You promised me a dance.” Aiden was shocked to hear his voice so calm and steady. “I came to collect.”

“I’m glad you did. I tried to see you in the crowd. You did better than me.” He jerked his head toward the edge of the dance floor. “Let’s go over there. It’s less crowded. The name’s Lyall.”


On the floor, Aiden pushed everything from his mind except enjoying the music and Lyall’s nearness. The man didn’t dance too close, but it was as if Aiden could feel his heat and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

The first song ended and Lyall made no move to leave the dance floor, so Aiden stayed with him. By the fourth song, they were holding one another, swaying to the beat, rather than even attempting to dance.

“I’d like to see you again.” Lyall whispered the words directly into Aiden’s ear and Aiden’s heart skipped a beat.

“I’d like that. How about next week?” Aiden asked.

“Perfect. How about bowling and a pizza after? At Bowlarama next Saturday?”

“Perfect. Seven o’clock good for you?” Aiden looked up into Lyall’s face and Lyall nodded.

“Fine. Come away from the floor and let me have your number. I can text you through the week, to make sure you haven’t changed your mind.”

“I won’t.” Aiden couldn’t stop the words but Lyall only chuckled—a deep, warm, sexy sound that sent Aiden’s libido into orbit.

“This’ll do.” Lyall tugged Aiden into an alcove while they exchanged cell phone numbers. “And this is on account.”

Lyall maneuvered Aiden so he was hidden from view, bent down and claimed his lips in a kiss that was gentle, demanding and possessive, all at the same time. Aiden’s head spun.

“On account of what?” Aiden asked, panting softly.

“On account of I can’t do anything more in a public space. Anyway, I never put out on a first date. It’s not my style. But there’s a special something about you, and I want to see you again.” Lyall glanced at his watch and grimaced. “I have to go. I live out of town and booked with a sober driver service to get me and my car home. I wasn’t expecting to stay out late.”

“Then let me leave you with something to remember me by.” Although it was totally out of character for Aiden, he pulled Lyall down into a long, slow, sensuous kiss, nibbling at Lyall’s full lower lip as he eased back. “I look forward to next week. Take care. I’ll text you.”

“I would never forget you. I look forward to it. See you, Aiden.” Lyall leaned in to press a last kiss to Aiden’s cheek then strode away, vanishing quickly in the crowd.

Aiden stood for a moment, then pulled out his cell phone to text Farrah. Working his way to the bar, he found his friend sitting on a stool, chatting with one of the bar staff. As Aiden reached him, the barman waved at Farrah and hurried away.

“Did you get your dance?” Farrah asked. “No, don’t tell me. I can see you did.”

“I also got his phone number. We’re meeting on the weekend.” Aiden held his phone aloft like a prize trophy.

“Awesome.” Farrah pecked Aiden on the cheek. “Right. One more drink to toast your success, a couple of dances, then this old Cinderfella has to go home before his Prince Charming turns into a pumpkin.”

Aiden laughed with Farrah and turned to follow him to the dance floor then stopped dead as flames flickered in the corner of his eye. Whirling around, he bumped into another patron who scowled but moved on.

Nothing. Must have been a reflection. With a shrug, Aiden hurried to catch up with his friend.

Author Bio

Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a best-selling, multi-published author of M/M romance and erotica across time and space.

When not writing she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.


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  1. Wonderful, exciting, something to get hooked on. I only read the excerpt, but I can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Thank you


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