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REVIEW: Tri-Galactic Trek, by Mary E. Lowd

Tri-Galactic Trek

Title: Tri-Galactic Trek

Series: Nexus Nine Book 0

Author: Mary E. Lowd

Genre: Sci Fi, Uplift, Furry

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Non-Binary

Publisher: Fur Planet

Pages: 224

Reviewer: Michael B.

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About The Book

Join Captain Pierre Jacques and the intrepid crew of the Starship Initiative on their grand journey through the universe. In addition to the loyal dogs and clever cats onboard, meet an Ursine exchange officer and a photosynthetic green otteroid from the planet Cetazed, not to mention the only android in the fleet—an androgynous arctic fox.

In this episodic novel, you will encounter alien races, strange worlds, technological malfunctions, and an all powerful trickster in the form of a Cheshire cat. Get ready for a ride of discovery, awe, and wonder from the Ursa Major Award-winning author of the Otters In Space trilogy.

The Review

A charming tongue in cheek romp through the galaxy with the uplifted animal crew of the Initiative.

This is the first book I’ve read by Mary E. Lowd, but I promise you it won’t be the last. This reviewer found this pastiche of Star Trek: The Next Generation to be a pleasant, fun romp through the galaxy with a host of uplifted animal crew members in search of their long lost creators: human beings who are no more than legends to them.

Each chapter reads like a single episode of the iconic show, with a host of widely varied characters and the author has done a great job of keeping the feel of that show, while transforming each character into something new and fun. We have Captain Pierre Jacques, an uplifted Sphynx who is just as hairless as his forebearers, Commander Wilker a collie, their exchange officers Grawf—an Ursine—Consul Tor an animate plant that looks like an otter, as well as many other memorable crew.

At times cute, to fully tongue-in-cheek I found this to be an overall amusing read with just the right mix of danger, amusing encounters with alien lifeforms and some deep soul-searching on the part of the crew. The compilation of episodic stories ends on a poignant note when the Captain encounters an as yet unknown lifeform that previously encountered the long lost humans sometime in the creature’s past.

All in all this was a very fun read for anyone that enjoys the concept of uplifted animals, long lost humans, and galactic exploration told through the eyes of a diverse crew.

4 Stars

Reviewer’s Note: Please purchase directly from the publisher as the author receives far more royalties from such purchases than are received from 3rd party distribution.

The Reviewer

Michael B has been doing reviews for almost two decades and enjoys a wide range of fiction genres including but hardly limited to scifi/spec fic, fantasy, paranormal, romances and those types of stories that don’t conveniently fit into a ‘genre box’. 


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