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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sky Dragon Lights Up – Toshi Drake

Sky Dragon Lights Up - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new MM fantasy romance out: Sky Dragon Lights Up.

When former dragon grandmaster Adelphos handed over the mantle of authority to a new generation, he didn’t anticipate the effects of boredom. So the shiny tablet device from the human realm is a delight… and so is the human he encounters online.

Jake is lonely and relishes chatting with the mysterious person he’s met through a video game. Their oddly intense connection encourages him to pursue his curious attraction. But strange dreams from a distant time and a gut-wrenching event reveal there is more for Jake beyond the human world… and his human form.

Sometimes fate gives a second chance at first love, and first love might be destined mates. But can Adelphos and Jake confront the past and forgive themselves for a mistake done a long time ago…

The third book of the Elements of Dragons book features second chances, fated mates, reincarnation, humans in another realm and found family. this book will make you laugh and swoon at the sweetness of it all.

Tags: cellphone games FTW, omg I killed him. Fated mates, dragons being dragons,who needs friends when you got family, Jake hearts Skydra, nicknames all over the place. One helluva first kiss. Can they do it again? Outdoor fun times, human dragon relations, will Adelphos ever forgive himself, geeky Easter eggs, isekai every day

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Skydra was different from any other person he had met online. They had a sort of charisma that drew Jake in. He felt connected to them. If he was feeling fanciful, he could picture a silver cord connecting them, even if he didn’t know where Skydra was located. They didn’t discuss those things, only the random thoughts that made the day less lonely. It would be just his luck for Skydra to live on the wrong side of the world when he thought about approaching them to meet in person.

Making more coffee for himself and preparing Moonlight’s food distracted him from the open laptop. The dream he’d had and thinking about meeting Skydra made his stomach twist. Jake had known pretty much in high school he was gay and liked guys. He’d never acted on it because it wasn’t done and he was so damn awkward. So Jake was content to allow things to fall where they did. He had time to figure out life stuff, including partners.

Something about Skydra broke down Jake’s sturdily built walls, though, and he was desperately curious to know more about them. Shaking off the need to spy, Jake focused on his job of researching history for a client. He had to find primary sources on the origins of lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Local museums were regular founts of information, but sometimes it could be hard to find solid leads. Which was what Jake did for people. He gave authors and students bibliographies and places to start their own research. It was very rewarding.

Lately, though, the research for this book felt familiar. The lighthouses and their stories were blips in his writing. Every time he pictured the lighthouse in a book he used, he saw a tower overlooking a lake. Everything actually popped with colour and vibrancy—the shimmer of light on the lake, the bright blue flowers, the green, green grass. He knew he had never been there because Ontario didn’t have medieval towers or high cliffs overlooking crystal-clear lakes, and he hadn’t left the province for Europe in a very long time.

After scrolling through social media and unintentionally avoiding his tasks, Jake gave up. “Okay, Moonlight, this is utterly pointless. I’m getting nothing done. I’ll come back to the lighthouses later tonight. Maybe my head will be clear then.”

The cat opened a sleepy golden eye and curled up into a tighter ball, facing away from Jake’s anxious twitching. Jake reached over and stroked a finger down the soft black furry head, and Moonlight purred loudly but didn’t move. Jake smiled gently. His cat was the only thing that helped calm his nerves.

“Is it too early to go to the game store?” He looked at his watch and dropped his head. It was still too early on a Sunday.

Giving up on ignoring the laptop, he started the game again and found a question mark waiting for him. But Skydra had logged off—the green light beside their name was dark. Jake grimaced and did the in-game daily tasks he had ignored in favour of Skydra.

Jake: You entrance me and intrigue me. I’m confused by what’s happening, and I don’t know how to fix it. Hell, I don’t even know if you swing my way or what gender you are. I’m sorry for leaving like that.

Jake typed quickly and hit Enter. He wasn’t sure what to expect. He hoped Skydra would accept the apology for what it was.

Author Bio

A Canadian author exploring the world of books, Toshi Drake has been dabbling with the idea of writing since they were a young child. An avid fan of all things speculative fiction, they began their journey of creating worlds and books just this past year. While thoroughly loving writing high science fiction, they also dabble in the speculative romance side of queer fiction.

A rabid geek, they spend their weekends playing video games or watching any of the Stars and dreaming of creating a better world for all cats.


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