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Announcement: The Awemazing Fanchanted Realities of Tanner and Tobbs, by Lionel T. Duncan

Tanner and TobbsQSFer Lionel T. Duncan has a new fantasy book out:

Two boys have exciting and dangerous adventures inside the magical dimension known as the Wizenwhere, where magic and magical creatures are real.

At the age of 11, Nathanial Tobbs and Napoleon Tanner witness a sorceress opening a portal in the sky. Four stories chronicle their encounters and battles alongside the practitioners and beings of light magic known as velos against the forces of dark magic called gorcem, as they grow from boys to men.

Through it all, their intense and all-encompassing love for each other keeps them alive as they battle dark wizards and monsters, are downloaded into the internet to stop a cyber war, and find a princess locked away in the Lorm galaxy.

From their teenage years to middle age, their lives are continuously disrupted by the call and duties placed on them to defend good from the gorcem magic realms seeking to gain control and wreak havoc on Earth in many fantastic and incredible tales of epic adventure.


It wasn’t long before they both felt something on their shoulder. Two long thin green vines as straight as rods brushed up against them and continued stretching outward. Before either one of them had time to react or comment, the vines attacked, and within less than a second they had wrapped themselves around the entire length of their bodies and were tightening their hold. These were Randilous Vines which had streamed all the way from the tall planters in the Distoriona Room, and like the room itself were magically programed to dissuade unwanted visitors from entering the castle.

The end of each vine came up to Tanner and Tobbs faces, and each vine revealed itself to have hundreds of tiny mouths running along its length. The vines spoke and with each word a different voice came out of different mouth. “What are you doing here?” The first vine asked.

“Are you spies?” The second vine did not state this as a question, more as a predetermined fact.

“Sent from the Evate Kingdom by Versliveron to try and kill the Queen!” The first vine theorized.

Both boys were terrified, but Tanner tried to relax and breathe and show that he wasn’t afraid. “Who’s Versliveron?” he demanded in an attempt to make the binding creeping plants see that they knew nothing.

“The head, the tail, and the tooth of a dragon; the rest the body of a man. A Agriefin who through an intimate knowledge of Gorcem has transformed himself and declared himself ruler of the Evate Kingdom and now wishes to rule over the entire Wizenwhere. But you know him well, don’t you? For isn’t he your master?”

“The only reason we came here is we have to see the Queen!” Tobbs was scared but the fact the Randilous Vine was squeezing his ankle underneath his pant leg and over his sock was making him increasingly uncomfortable and therefore making him angry.

“Oh, the Queen! Naturally. Well then, why don’t we bring you to her?”

The vines, keeping a vise-like grip on them, pushed Tanner and Tobbs out of the second room and up a high staircase.

At the top was a long hallway, the length of which they cleared in seconds, until they came to a set of gargantuan double doors that they used the bodies of the boys to burst right through.

Inside of the room was a long table, occupied by people whose skin and hair were alien to the eyes of normal people from the normal world. At the head sat the sorceress who had opened the portal from Hewloatootin and had rained down magic on Luperette Forest, the Queen General Glacktoline herself. She jumped to her feet instantly upon the boys’ entrance and was furious at the interruption of her war cabinet.

A guard ran into the room, late in his reaction.

“Queen General, there has been a breach in –“

Glacktoline raised her hand and silenced him and then lowered her head slightly and addressed the boys in a menacing and altogether witchy tone.

“Who are you?”

Her steely gaze caused both Tanner and Tobbs to freeze inside; she was a woman not to be messed with and she was powerful and cunning and ruthless.

“Spies! Did the self-proclaimed Evate king send me spies in the form of children thinking that I was not a brilliant enough sorceress to see right through YOU?”

During the last part of the sentence, the Queen stepped up to Tobbs in a very aggressive and threatening manner and screamed directly in his face. He turned red and struggled not to cry.
Seeing what she was doing to his buddy caused courage to return to Tanner who yelled right back at her, “Stop it!”

She retaliated by shifting her attention toward him with a mean and twisted face. “SILENCE!”

She raised herself up and casually took several steps back to the table as she continued on softly.

“I’ll have you strung up, high above the castle. Or perhaps I should just give you to the Randilous Vines and they can wrap themselves around you and squeeze until you are dust and then they can put you in their pots as fertilizer.”

“We’re here because of what you did!” Tanner shouted out.

“How DARE you!” The Queens anger was increasing and her body became tense.

Tobbs began talking as fast as he could in order to get an explanation out before the Queen’s rage exploded and she told the plants to make good on her threat.

“You opened a portal over our forest.”

“We were playing and you caused it to rain down magic on us, and all of the animals started talking, and you put two dragons into caves and they can’t get out and so the Queen of the Iheeloos sent us up here to talk to you!”

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Author Bio

Lionel T. Duncan is the author of “The Old Dead Doll” and “The Awemazing Fanchanted Realities of Tanner and Tobbs”.


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