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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Beast Slayer, by Rin Sparrow

The Beast Slayer

QSFer Rin Sparrow has a new MM fantasy book out:

Warrior Wulf is a straight-spoken man of Truth, a man honored by the people and Blessed by God. He has faith in his skills to kill, but navigating an unfamiliar, licentious court is a struggle unto itself. Now, burdened with a heart in mourning and an unwanted bed slave, he will face a new menace, a voice from the shadows enspelling and seducing him toward his doom.

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I paused at the entrance to the Lair, a black hole rent into the ground between the roots of the once mighty tree. There was something calling me to its depths. It had been my choice to come here. I had to: the signs were clear. But there was something beyond reason pulling at me now. A force unseen but strong, like a lodestone tugging at the iron in my blood.

Only once before had I felt such a pull. It had been years ago, when I was still a child. I had learned then to listen to my instincts, that they could speak to me when all else was silent. I had stood then as I did now, trembling, knowing I teetered on the edge of a moment that would forever change me. And I could not hide from it or turn away. Fate or Heaven had sealed the course.

Dread had gripped me as a boy. I’d known clearly that I was about to face Evil, and though the horror nearly rooted me in place, I’d been pushed forward and found my courage.

Now, it was different.

I waited for the same dread to creep up my spine. It didn’t come. Whatever awaited me was not the same. The irresistible tug was there, but I could not pin down what was beyond the darkness. Yet what could await me below the earth but Evil?

Standing on the precipice, I took a breath, and took a step forward.

Author Bio

As founder and head writer of, Rin has been writing yaoi and m/m romance since 2006 and doesn’t plan on ever stopping. After growing up in the Midwest, she’s hopped around, living in Japan, San Francisco, and now (much to her surprise) settling happily in North Carolina. Beyond writing, art and painting are her passions, and she is happy to admit she has done illustrations for some of her own as well as other author’s works. When not writing and drawing, she can be found watching Star Wars, reading Lord of the Rings (again), or basking in the heat of the North Carolina sun.


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