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Announcement: The Harvest: A Tah’Narian Christmas, by M.A. Church

The Harvest: A Tah'Narian ChristmasQSFer M.A. Church has a new Sci Fi book out:

So what’s an alien to do when his mate refuses to say what’s bothering him? Why, he sends a deep space message to his mate’s mother on earth, what else?

Keyno not only learns the importance of Christmas to his chosen, he’s also shocked and confused as to why Dale hasn’t shared this with him. There is no such celebration on Tah’Nar, but that doesn’t stop Keyno from trying to bring happiness to Dale. He’s not only a starship captain, he’s also an excellent strategist. He gathers his closest friends—Doc and Gibor—and researchers the holiday.

He finds three important things about Christmas: First there is an older, heavyset male called the Santa Claus. The second is the holiday usually revolves around a tree laden with shiny baubles and lights with gifts under it. And finally they learn they’re supposed to eat way too much, then lie around and moan because they ate too much.

Humans are so odd.

These mighty warriors survived the birth of their young, surely an undertaking of this magnitude is not beyond their grasp. Hopefully Dale will be pleased with all the trouble Keyno went to. But just in case, Keyno has a very special surprise in store for his chosen for his first Tah’Narian Christmas.


Five years after the final Harvest on Earth.

“Is it ready?”

“Hold on, Szin.” Dale finished programming the reduplicator with specs for plastic water pistols. He, Keyno, and the twins had returned to Tah’Nar for a science conference and were staying at their old home there.

Szin shifted impatiently from foot to foot, darting glances around the kitchen. At six Szin was a ball of fire. “Come on, Dad.”

Dale rolled his eyes as he started the program. “Going as fast as I can. Rushing me isn’t going to make this happen any faster.”

A beep sounded, and Dale removed the plastic pistol from the reduplicator. The Tah’Narians didn’t have any toys geared for play so he and Keyno had discussed Dale’s desire to provide the young with Earth-type toys to enjoy. Dale then made them, based on his own childhood playthings.

“Okay, it’s finished.”

Szin hopped up and down. “Finally!”

“Just let me fill it up with water, Szin.” Dale hurriedly filled the pistol. “Okay, there you go.”

Dale handed it to his young, and Szin rushed out of the kitchen. A moment later, he heard a loud growl followed by a startled meow, and then a crash from the living area.

Dale rubbed the bridge of his nose as he joined the young. What had he been thinking giving only one of them a water gun? “Okay, what happened?”

There stood Raiden, soaking wet, his pointy ears laid flat, one of the many plants in the house turned over… and Szin grinning madly. Raiden, also age six, was as tall as a seven-year-old human child.

Looking around, it didn’t take much for Dale to figure out what happened. “Uh-huh, you were waiting to ambush Szin, weren’t you, Raiden?”

“Maybe.” Raiden, staring at the floor, trailed his toe through the dirt that spilled from the plant.

“Right. Well, looks like you bit off more than you could chew.” Dale hid his grin.

The emotions on Raiden’s face ranged from disgust to guilt. He’d hidden on one of the many elevations, waiting for this twin to pass by so he could leap on him as he had many times before. And received the shock of his life when Szin unloaded on him with the water pistol.

A memory of Susan doing the same thing to him blindsided Dale. He would’ve paid good money to do to her what Szin just did to Raiden. God, he missed her, especially right now when Christmas was approaching on Earth.

“Dad? You okay?”

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Author Bio

My published name is MA Church. I write m/m romance stories that tend to have nonhuman characters. I believe in HEA and my stories have that; but there may be a few bumps in the road before they get there.


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