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Discussion: Visiting the Scene of the Crime

"Yeah, you could walk up there."
“Yeah, you could walk up there.”

Last year, while working on a story set in San Francisco after global warming, the hubby and I drove down to San Francisco to scout out some of the scenes (OK, it’s also a great excuse to visit The City!).

I was projecting a sea-level rise of 20-30 feet, so I wanted to see if it would be possible to hop from building ledge to ledge above the new water line, among other things.

I was setting part of my story in the then abandoned Giants stadium too, so I needed to get a first-hand look.

Doing so improved the story, I think, giving it more of a sense of place.

For writers, have you ever “visited the scene” to collect authentic details for a story? And readers, can you tell when an author has never “been there”?

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