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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Midwife and The Lindworm, by A.A. Freeman

The Midwife and The Lindworm

QSFer A.A. Freeman has a new queer fable out:

The Midwife has worked on her share of unusual births over the years—from foxes to royalty to the Gods themselves. One of the stranger births she assisted was a queen who delivered twins: one a boy, the future king, and one a serpent, known as The Lindworm.

Now, almost twenty years later, the queen has called upon The Midwife again—this time, to rid the castle of The Lindworm once and for all. Devouring maidens from across the land, it seems the monster’s thirst for blood cannot be slaked. But the sensible Midwife has no patience for histrionic queens or fae monsters. She intends to settle this. All of it.

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“My bride!” The Lindworm swung what The Midwife decided to call his head around to
face The Maid. His words flowed through the air itself instead of from the tooth-filled maw. “My
bride, my sweet, my delicious– That is not a princess.”

“Course she is,” The Midwife said as she stepped between The Lindworm and The Maid.
“Can’t you see?”

“Can’t I–” The Lindworm wiggled his head around. His voice took an agitated tone. “Do
you see any eyes?! Are eye-having worms common where you’re from? Worm eyes? Eye worms? Do worms travel to worm doctors for worm eyeglasses? Is that a thing that happens in your village, peasant?”

“I’m not a peasant. I am The Midwife, and my hands open the doors to this world. So you
better watch your tone, boy.”

“I am The Lindworm! Prince of these lands! And I do not have worm eyes!”

The Maid, who had been frozen during the brief meeting, finally snapped out of it. “Oh
Gods above, I just imagined eye worms. Like, worms in your eyes.”

Author Bio

A. A. Freeman is a robot shark who writes while the boss isn’t looking. When she’s not thinking about kissing robots she’s either knitting or saving her team in Overwatch.



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