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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Seal of Daemons – R. R. Pearl

The Seal of Daemons - R. R. Pearl

QSFer R. R. Pearl has a new MM paranormal romance (bi/gay), The Watchers book 2: The Seal Of Daemons.

After holding off the New Watchers at the tomb of a fallen angel, Rafe and Alec are back with a new adventure.

The Praesidium has gotten a tip that the New Watchers are on the hunt for the legendary ring of King Solomon. Traveling the globe on a continent-spanning adventure, Alec, Clemy, and Enoch the misanthropic computer have to unravel the mysteries of conflicting information.

But as Alec and Rafe grapple with the gun-toting New Watcher armies, they find themselves tested in other ways. Rafe still hasn’t told Alec everything – and Alec is about to learn just how far secrets can go.

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A tremendous explosion threw Alec and Rafe across the grassy, stony field of Tomba Dei Giganti, located on the Italian island of Sardinia.

“I told ye this was going to be fun! Clemy would love the scenery if she came with us!” Alec yelled over the cacophony of New Watcher soldiers yelling and shooting in their direction. Fresh explosions went off on either side of them.

“This is not what I thought you had in mind, Alexander!” Rafe bellowed. He reached into his satchel, and then threw it over his shoulder, toward the oncoming troopers.

“What the hell did ye throw your bag away for? Our supplies were in there!” Alec yelled.
Rafe looked back at Alec, who was running at full speed and still trailing behind the giant of a man.

“Just run for your life, Alexander!”

“I’m running as fast as I can, ye big coc oen!”

“Less teasing, more fleeing!”

Alec looked over his shoulder. It was enough to make him misstep, and he tumbled over a stone that was sticking up out of the ground at an odd angle. Rafe stopped short and ran back toward Alec.

As Rafe knelt to check on Alec, a reddish-gold hell hound jumped on top of Rafe. He grabbed the snapping, drooling head of the hell hound and twisted it until he heard a snap, then tossed the immense dead carcass to the side.

“Are you alright, Alexander?”

Alec felt his legs and torso for any wounds. Finding nothing, he nodded.

“Everything still seems to be in its proper place,” Alec
said, relieved.

Another explosion rocked the ground from behind them. Bits of soil and stone and body parts rained down around them. Rafe pulled Alec into and under his massive frame. As the shower finally ceased, Rafe released Alec and looked around the area. He looked back down into Alec’s iceblue eyes and smiled. Alec’s strawberry-blond hair was a mess all over his face. Rafe pushed back some curls behind Alec’s ear.

“We’re lucky there were no tourists around. Otherwise…”

Alec shivered at the sight of the horrifying gore surrounding them. “Indeed. They’d be traumatized for life, if they weren’t made into confetti, like these poor souls.”

Rafe scowled. “They chose their allegiance. Do not waste pity on them.”

Alec rubbed his eyes. “Either way, we got up bloody early for naught. So much for outrunning the New Watchers by getting ahead of them.”

Rafe cocked his head. “I thought you were accustomed to an early schedule at dig sites.”

“Aye, but there’s early, and there’s the crack of sparrow’s fart.”

“I was unaware that the gastrointestinal habits of local wildlife determined your schedule,” Rafe deadpanned.

Alec chuckled. “C’mon, big fella. I want to get as far away from these corpses as we can.” He sighed. “But how did they catch up to us so fast?

Author Bio

I reside in idyllic Newport, Rhode Island along with my two fur-babies. Two incredibly precocious Chihuahuas bent on ruling the planet, and I believe they are getting close. Oliver Winston and Victoria Alexandrina know they at least rule me. They seem to spend their day causing trouble and making my life just a little more exciting than it already is. I have begun to write LGBTQ+ romance, action/adventure. As well as a smattering of paranormal romance thrown in for good measure. I have just begun my official writing career, although I have been writing plays and scripts since I was in grammar school. So, come along for the ride! I promise some thrills, chills, lots of laughter and, fun, and some utterly amazing original characters.

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