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New Release: Flawless – J. Scott Coatsworth

Flawless - J. Scott Coatsworth

QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth has a new gay sci-fi book out: Flawless. In Space, No One Can Hear You Sing … Grayson Eck’s life is a drag, in all the best possible ways. He’s perfectly happy working in the belt alone as a wildcatter, prospecting asteroids by … well, not exactly by day. At night, he transforms into the Inner System’s most famous Valeriana Storm — a secret identity that even his closest friends and family don’t know about. When someone tries to steal one of Greyson’s mining scores, he has half a mind to just toss the guy off … Read more

Review: The Two Princesses – Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus

The Two Princesses - Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Space Opera LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It At Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple | SmashwordsUniversal Buy Link About The Book Their first mission after the Calarni leads Yaden and Ivan to Goa, tracking down N’Bosoti artefacts. Encounters on the estate of Princess Kumari have implications both personal and political, but most importantly, lead to Yaiciz – right into the machinations of Princess Anya, Ivan’s deranged sister. Facing ancient monsters, an obstinate Vertex, a recalcitrant Duke and a traumatised Goddess, Yaden, Ivan and Colin will need all their courage and personal growth to save the day once … Read more

Review: Third Front – E.M. Hamill

Third Front - E.M. Hamill

Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Intersex, Non-Binary, Poly Reviewer: Rari Get It On Amazon | Series Box Set About The Book Dalí Tamareia has the terrorist Skadi in their sights – but bringing her in may cost them everything. Dalí’s role as an undercover operative is compromised, putting a target on their back and threatening the close-knit team aboard Thunder Child. A new lead on Miriam Skadi’s activities forces them back to Luna, where they must confront everything they tried to run from…including their changed relationship with Rion Sumner, who insists on backing up Dalí for this investigation. But … Read more

Review: Peacemaker – E.M. Hamill

Peacemaker - E.M. Hamill

Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Intersex, Non-Binary, Poly Reviewer: Rari Get It On Amazon | Series Box Set About The Book Third-gender operative Dalí Tamareia thought their life as an ambassador ended when they joined a galactic intelligence agency. When they’re yanked out of the field and tapped to negotiate the surrender of deadly bio-engineered warriors who crashed into hostile territory, Dalí is thrust headfirst back into the tumultuous world of galactic diplomacy. Dalí has faced Shontavians before, but not like these. The stranded mercenaries are highly intelligent and have an agenda of their own. Dalí can’t afford … Read more

New Release: Saint Lakes Collection V3 – April Kelley

Saint Lakes Collection V3

QSFer April Kelley has a new MM paranormal box set out: Saint Lakes Collection V3. Uncovering the Dark To have a peaceful future, he must come face to face with his worst nightmare: his past. Damian isn’t good with emotion. Not feeling keeps things simple, but his fated mate is a lesson in complications. He certainly doesn’t want Owen to know about his past, but it’s inevitable when a vision sends them on a race against time. Owen doesn’t want a killer for a mate. He thinks that’s all Damian is until he opens himself up a bit. But by … Read more

Review: Cast Off – R J Theodore

Cast Off - R J Theodore

Genre: Sci-Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Lesbian Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book The Action Packed Conclusion to the Peridot Shift Trilogy Peridot is on the edge of annihilation. Once life-giving, the world’s Trade Winds are transforming people into soulless monsters. The surviving Alchemist gods neglect their followers or take advantage of them. Even worse, a delicate peace has been wasted, and everything and everyone is at stake, especially Meran, the mistreated embodiment of the planet. Captain Talis and the crew of Fortune’s Storm must try to do some good with what’s left of Peridot in the hope … Read more

New Release: Destiny Dawning – E.J. Eden

Destiny Dawning - E.J. Eden

QSFer E.J. Eden has a new FF sci-fantasy book out, The Vessel Games book 3: Destiny Dawning. Princess Chloe and her friends are on the run. The Commander sits on her father’s throne, and he’s determined to hunt Chloe down and snuff out the royal line—for good. They find themselves lost at sea with no allies, no plan, and vengeful pirates, mercenaries sent by the Commander, relentlessly pursuing them. New London teeters on the edge of destruction. Her people are starving, and the Vessel Games have morphed into something far more sinister than Chloe could have ever imagined. Every man, … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Rise – Queer Sci Fi’s 10th Flash Fiction Contest


Queer Sci Fi has a new flash fiction anthology out: Rise. And there’s a giveaway. RISE (Noun, Verb) Eight definitions to inspire writers around the world, and an unlimited number of possible stories to tell: Rise features 300-word speculative flash fiction stories from across the rainbow spectrum, from the minds of the writers of Queer Sci Fi. About the Series Every year, Queer Sci Fi runs a one-word theme contest for 300 word flash fiction stories, and then we choose 120 of the best for our annual anthology. Publisher | Amazon | Apple Books | Barnes & Noble | | … Read more

Double Review: The Gauntlet Runner – J. Scott Coatsworth

The Gauntlet Runner - J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre: Sci-Fantasy, , YA-Adult Crossover, Romance Subplot LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Bi Reviewers: Maryann, Ulysses Get It On Amazon | Publisher/Signed Copies | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo | Smashwords | Universal Buy Link About The Book A guard and a thief. What could go wrong? Aik has fallen hopelessly in love with his best friend. But Raven’s a thief, which makes things … complicated. Oh, and Raven has just been kidnapped by a dragon. Now Aik is off on a quest of his own, to hunt down the foul beast and make them give back his … friend? … Read more

New Release: How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life: Disaster #1 – Jocelynn Drake

How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life: Disaster #1 - Jocelynn Drake

QSFer Jocelynn Drake has a new MM paranormal romance out: How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life: Disaster #1. Disaster #1: Fun With FamilyNolan is the hot but grumpy goth boy who lives across the street from perpetually sunny necromancer Sky. Nolan wants nothing to do with Sky. That is until his older brother is on the run from a local vampire clan after he failed to deliver on a promise. Nolan is about to learn that vampires, shifters, witches, and magic are very real. He needs an expert to guide him through this dangerous world. It’s … Read more