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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Trump Chronicles – lee Balan

The Trump Chronicles

Lee Balan has a new sci fi/political satire out: “The Trump Chronicles.”

Fake Stories and Art from the Trump Archives. We are living in a New World where nothing is normal.

Brutality and division began with the chant, Lock her up. It was a new way to challenge an opponent using slander, name calling, and character assassination. Twitter replaced the actual job of governing. Law and order was replaced with fawning and obsequious allegiance to a fake president.

These stories come from a future where Trump wins the next election.

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The doorbell rang collapsing Ed’s dissociation. He was suddenly alert. The interruption was like stepping on a land mine. Three people in black rubber suits were at the door talking gibberish. They each wore plastic headgear.

Ed couldn’t understand the voices shouting at him through the plastic masks. He thought it might be a hallucination. He thought the people might be aliens and he was about to be abducted. Over and over they shouted.

The voices slowly started to make some sense. They were paramedics. Someone made a 911 call. People were breaking down, getting sick, and dying. Ed thought the virus was turning people into aliens. He felt a rising sense of panic. Was Anthony OK?

The paramedics burst into the house searching for a casualty. Ed shouted for Anthony and ran to the bedroom. Anthony was on the bed.

He was startled by the commotion, but otherwise fine. The paramedics checked the house and yard. They decided they came to the wrong address. Someone else was in danger and they needed to search the neighborhood.

Author Bio

Lee Balan, artist and writer, was the first editor and art director for Beyond Baroque Magazine in Venice, CA. He has had poems and stories featured in several magazines including Phantom Seed, Sun-Runner, and Storylandia. He was the facilitator for the Tenderloin Writer’s Workshop in San Francisco. His background in mental health has been a major influence on his work. Lee Balan’s first novel, Alien Journal, was published in 2009.

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