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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Trump Chronicles – lee Balan

The Trump Chronicles

Lee Balan has a new sci fi/political satire out: “The Trump Chronicles.” Fake Stories and Art from the Trump Archives. We are living in a New World where nothing is normal. Brutality and division began with the chant, Lock her up. It was a new way to challenge an opponent using slander, name calling, and character assassination. Twitter replaced the actual job of governing. Law and order was replaced with fawning and obsequious allegiance to a fake president. These stories come from a future where Trump wins the next election. Get It At Lulu Excerpt The doorbell rang collapsing Ed’s … Read more

SPACE: Are We Going to Mine the Moon?

earth from moon - deposit photo

Private industries have helped drop the cost of launching rockets, satellites and other equipment into space to historic lows. That has boosted interest in developing space – both for mining raw materials such as silicon for solar panels and oxygen for rocket fuel, as well as potentially relocating polluting industries off the Earth. But the rules are not clear about who would profit if, for instance, a U.S. company like SpaceX colonized Mars or established a moon base. At the moment, no company – or nation – is yet ready to claim or take advantage of private property in space. … Read more

Microsoft Created an AI, But She’s a Racist Homophobic Trump Supporter

Tay Tweets

Microsoft has created a new chat bot to “learn” from the internet… but she picked up a lot of bad habits. The tech company announced the launch of Tay this week, an artificial intelligence bot that is learning to talk like millennials by analysing conversations on Twitter, Facebook and the internet… Unfortunately, when you make an AI bot that is designed to imitate the behaviour of other people on the internet… you probably need a filter of some kind. Tay was originally doing okay, learning how to have polite conversations… but after getting influenced by a few too many people … Read more