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Announcement: The Tyro, by Carol Holland March

The TyroQSFer Carol Holland March has a new MM fantasy adventure romance out:

The Dreamwalkers of Larreta are the key to the evolution of life on Earth, but only if they remember their destinies and each other.
A contemporary adventure across worlds, a romance that spans centuries, The Tyro re-unites Leo, a cynical dreamwalker who failed to find his true partner on Larreta and fled back to Earth to lick his wounds and Jesse, a beautiful newcomer.

Jesse has abilities surpassing most dreamwalkers. He is the key to finding the origin of the deadly time rifts attacking Larreta and threatening to spill over onto Earth. Jesse is convinced he is meant to be with Leo, but Leo knows his chance for happiness came and went.

When the Mentor of Larreta tells Leo that Jesse’s ability to foresee the future must combine with his skill in investigating the past to solve the mystery of the time rifts, he knows he must learn how to work with the most enticing man he’s ever met.

To save two worlds, Leo’s memories must surface so he and Jesse can create the vital passage through time and space. But can he face the pain of his past and form a bond of trust with Jesse before it is too late?

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Jesse closed the balcony doors and fastened shut the open window. They were alone in a cocoon of time. Leo wondered whose dream they were in. All he knew for certain was that he didn’t want to be anywhere but here, in this room, with this man who gazed at him so tenderly, worried at his silence. Beyond that, his mind balked, refusing to perform its usual dance of making predictions, analyzing outcomes, keeping him safe. He could sit on this couch for the rest of the night. Maybe that was fine.

Jesse settled close beside him, facing straight ahead, toward the painting opposite of a gull wheeling over water, but his hand crept over Leo’s. The warmth of his fingers was nice. Familiar. Leo sighed. They sat. Outside, twilight descended over Larreta.

Jesse turned and kissed his neck, first a gentle touch, then a sharp nip that made him smile. Leo embraced Jesse. Warm breath on his neck. The heat they generated was electric. The shocks Leo always felt when he touched Jesse magnified. His whole body pulsed. He wouldn’t have been surprised if he started to sizzle, his toes and fingertips the first to go up in flames.

When Jesse raised his head and pulled Leo toward him with an insistent hand, Leo allowed himself to fall forward. It would be a long way down. A long, dizzying fall, but it didn’t matter. Jesse’s eyes darkened, like the curl of a sea wave about to break over him.

The kiss went on and on. Jesse’s scent filled him. He tasted like apples, sweet, juicy red apples plucked fresh from a tree. He pulled Jesse closer, one hand massaging his hip, then sliding down his taut thigh. Jesse raised his hips and pushed against Leo’s hand. As the heat in his belly uncurled and spread upward, Leo moaned.

When the kiss ended, Jesse didn’t move. He was breathing fast, lips parted, eyes deep enough to take in all of him. “I’m sorry you had to wait so long. I’m very late.”

Leo stroked his face. He had forgotten his vow to keep Jesse at a distance. “Who are you?”

Jesse placed both hands at Leo’s neck and grasped the collar of his shirt. With a quick motion, he yanked it open. Buttons flew everywhere. He ran both hands down Leo’s chest, creating trails of fire on his skin. They penetrated his tissues, melting him. “I’m here for you,” Jesse said.

Leo suppressed another moan. He stood and hauled Jesse to his feet. Embraced him chest to chest, thigh to thigh. Jesse buried his fingers in Leo’s hair and bit his neck hard.

Leo grasped Jesse’s wrists and pushed him backwards. Jesse landed on the bed and lay still, his gaze fixed on Leo. Leo reached down and pulled Jesse’s shirt over his head. His chest heaved, hard muscles gliding under smooth golden skin. Jesse reached for the waistband of his own jeans. With one hand, he undid the button. Leo pushed Jesse’s hand away and yanked them off.

They gazed at each other, eyes locked. Deliberately, in slow motion, Jesse raised both arms, a gesture so graceful and lovely and welcoming that Leo knew he was lost.

Help me, Leo thought as he flung himself down.

He didn’t know who he entreated, and it didn’t matter. Nothing could stop him.

Author Bio

Carol Holland March lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with two demanding dogs who offer their insight into the meaning of life in exchange for long bike rides and occasional treats. She writes stories about the mysteries that peek from behind the veil.

Her short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. The Tyro is the first volume of her fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta.

Carol works as an editor and coach for beginning writers and people in transition. She teaches about creativity, journaling and writing for personal development at the University of New Mexico.

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