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ANNOUNCEMENT: Trust No Alpha, by Wendy Rathbone

Trust No Alpha, By Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM fantasy/omegaverse romance out: “Trust No Alpha.”

It’s a world gone mad. The Alphas are out of control. 

When you discover you’re not who you thought you were, the nightmare begins.


At age eighteen, life as he knows it is over for Kris. A secret to his nature he was not aware of has been revealed.

Now, kept as a prisoner in a locked room in the mansion of his wealthy father, Kris is at the mercy of Alpha laws and Alpha domination.

Things take a turn for the worse when his own litter mate threatens him, and his father starts behaving strangely around him.

Escape is his only hope. But where can he go in a world that allows him no rights?


Marked as a dangerous Alpha, and living a secluded life alone and unloved, Thorne still grieves for the mate whose death he feels responsible for.

Years have passed, and he refuses to even try to function in normal society.

One day he discovers a young man on his property, disheveled, desperate, and scared. He acts like a runaway Omega, but he doesn’t smell like one.

What is this boy? And why does Thorne feel an immediate need to protect him? To bond him? To make him his?

A non-shifter, Omegaverse love story of rescue, first time, fertility issues and an HEA. Standalone read. 65,500 words. (While Omegas are birth-fathers in this universe, there is no on-page mpreg in this book.)

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We waited in the long hall, the five of us, and it was humiliating.

“What’s taking so long?” hissed Mathias, my litter mate, older than I by a mere five minutes. He paced back and forth by Father’s huge, brass-hinged office door, his velvet robe swirling about his naked ankles.

“He always makes us wait,” Trigg said. He was the third of our litter, born thirteen minutes behind me.

Next week, the three of us would turn eighteen.

Technically, we were triplets, but we looked nothing alike. Not like our younger brothers from Father’s second litter, Bren and Mica, who were identical. At five years old, the two of them stood silent behind us, huddled together, arms around each other, eyes big as they waited, like us, for their turn.

“You know he and Doctor Pokemeintheass like to have a whisky first,” I said.

My brothers snickered.

Mica’s solemn brown eyes found mine. “I don’t want to be poked in the ass, Kris,” he said.

“You’ll be fine.” I ruffled my little brother’s hair, then crossed my arms over my chest to stave off the trembling in my body.

I hated every single doctor I’d ever met. I couldn’t help it. They always made me feel small and stupid and self-conscious.

We all wore similar black robes and nothing underneath. Though Father kept the mansion well-heated, somehow cool air managed to waft up the hem of my robe and chill my body. Or maybe it was nerves.

I clenched my muscles, not wanting my brothers to see me shiver. I stood taller than them all, and I kept my head back, my back straight.

I was Father’s pride and joy and they knew it. I got straight A’s in my lessons. I was the quickest, the strongest and the smartest. Not to brag, but I could take on my litter mates in any form of fighting and beat them in under a minute. An Alpha’s Alpha.

Never show weakness. Father taught us that from the first day we were able to speak.

He took pride in us all. Called us his thoroughbred Alphas. But he often told me I was his favorite. Maybe he did that with all of us, but I liked to think I was his best son, the golden boy Alpha of the family, his chosen.

Author Bio

Read Wendy Rathbone where… imposters and outcasts, princes and lost boys always find love and a happily ever after!

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Currently, I write all male/male romances. For many years it has been my first love, and is my focus.

If you are not sure which of my books to try first, pick a genre. If it’s contemporary, you will enjoy The Foundling Trilogy: Rescue Me, Sacrifice Me, and Remember Me where a billionaire underworld businessman rescues an amnesiac man at sea.

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I also write Omegaverse. The first book in The Omega Misfits series is Trust No Alpha.


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