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ANNOUNCEMENT: Wrath of the Lycan – Damien Shadows

Wrath of the Lycan - Damien Shadows

QSFer Damien Shadows has a new gay paranormal/horror book out, book two of the Snakeheart Series: “Wrath of the Lycan.”

Turns out the Lycan didn’t want to talk…

…they wanted me dead, but I wasn’t going down without a fight.

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to be pushed around. I know what I like, I thrive with routines, and I’m a control freak.

But after the werewolves decided I was a threat and the police harassed me for a violent crime I didn’t commit, I realized my happy life was spiraling out of control and no matter what I did, it was all going to hell… literally.

I’ve never been on the run from anyone before, but after speaking with the strange old priest, I started running from the devil himself.

Wrath of the Lycan is the second book of The Snakeheart Series (Season 1), a supernatural novella series about Dante Coranguis and the ancient prophecy of the End Times.

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Dante ascended the stairs of the subway station and crossed the street. The two musical Vampires near the platform had acknowledged him, but today they made no attempt to follow or intercept him. Dante made his way through the evening crowd of pedestrian commuters to the pharmacy to buy some Tylenol for the dull headache that had plagued him since three-thirty that afternoon.

After completing his purchase and stepping outside, he cracked open the bottle of Tylenol, shook three pills into his hand, and popped them into his mouth. He grabbed the bottle of water he had been squeezing against his left side with his arm and sucked down half of it. Eager for the headache to disappear, he continued his walk home.

To his left on the street, a black Escalade Cadillac pulled to the side and stopped. Two large, extremely muscular men in tight-fitting business suits and dark sunglasses hopped out of the passenger front and rear doors. The first man—the one with an impressive black beard and long black hair neatly combed back from his forehead—flashed a badge at him. The second—a younger man with a buzz cut—stood near the opened rear door and waited, staring at him with intense brown eyes. Dante stopped walking and stared back at the unusually tall men.

“Dante Coranguis, I am Special Agent Cyrus Latva with the FBI. I’d like you to come with us right now, please.”

Dante’s shoulders slumped. “Are you kidding me?” He asked, noticing a second black Cadillac Escalade pull up behind the first.

”Do I look like I’m kidding?” Agent Latva asked. He pointed to the back seat of the Escalade.

“I have a right to know what this is about.”

The agent looked around. Despite the gawking passersby, he answered in a low voice, “recent events taking place around you.”

Fucking hell, this has got to end. Dante sighed, then climbed into the back of the first Escalade. There was another large, younger agent sitting behind the driver. This one had a faded hairstyle with a crop of brown hair on top and a well-groomed beard. Dante reluctantly took the middle seat, and the buzz cut agent crawled in the back seat after. At any other time, Dante might have enjoyed being in the middle of a muscle-daddy sandwich, but today wasn’t the day for entertaining sexual fantasies.

When Agent Latva climbed into the front seat and shut the door, the driver sped off. Dante’s eyes shifted to the impressive quads of the agent on his left. Damn, he doesn’t skip leg day. Wait a minute, he’s wearing jeans. Shit, they’re not FBI agents…

Dante glared at the back of Agent Latva’s head. “So, why don’t you tell me who you really are?”

Latva chuckled, then tossed a plastic toy police badge into his lap. “You came so willingly; I wasn’t sure you’d see though our deception.”

Dante picked it up and studied it. “The Escalades helped, and so did flashing this. So, what do you guys turn into on Halloween?” The man to his right snickered.

“We are Lycan,” Latva answered.

“So, big dogs?” 

The snickering man immediately grimaced at him. The other growled.

“Easy boys,” Cyrus said, raising his left hand.

“What do you want with me?”

“The same thing Valerian wants. The truth.”

“Look, I never made any claims about being The One. You can blame Jade and Gallagher for running their mouths off.”

“Gaius will determine what you are. I hope, for your sake, the corpse humpers are right.”

Author Bio

Damien Shadows is the supernatural horror pen name for author Damien Benoit-Ledoux. 

This is the darker, sinister, and sexier side of Damien’s mind, a place where fantastic anti-heroes defend our world from supernatural forces who run afoul in the epic struggle of good versus evil.

Damien strongly believes the real world we live in should be a place where LGBTQ equality and respect are second nature and never questioned. When he’s not working or spending time with his husband, their son, and their dog, Damien weaves this philosophy into the exciting lives of his characters and the fantastic space battles and romances they endure so they’ll stop taking over his dreams at night.

And finally, he wants you to remember a very important thing: No matter how bad your day is at work, it’s always important to be grateful that you don’t work for a Sith Lord. 

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