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FOR WRITERS: What Is Your Brand?

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Scott:

Branding is supposed to be really important for authors. But what is a brand? How do you create/define it? And what is yours?

Writers: This is a writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic.

Join the chat:

FB: http://bit.ly/1MvPABV
MeWe: http://bit.ly/2mjg8lf

1 thought on “FOR WRITERS: What Is Your Brand?”

  1. I was so scared of this, largely because of the associations I had with the word; images of being herded with a bunch of other authors where the market waited with a brand to scar me for life with some symbol of conformity. Only it’s been the very opposite, I’ve created my own mark, my own signature from calling my blogs the Cauldrons of Eternal Inspiration to tossing about phrases like “Promote, Strut, and Celebrate Your Me-ness”. It’s felt very organic and natural, almost like acquiring a nickname.


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