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Sources of Inspiration: What Is Magic?

I’ve always been fascinated by magic. A tent appearing out of nowhere with a table and plates covered with food at the wave of a wand. Only to disappear again with a wave of that same wand. People transforming (or being transformed) into pigs or ornaments. Being able to transform yourself into a beam of light which streaks across the landscape from one location to another. Or hurling beams of light at people to harm or heal them.  I’ve fallen in love with all of these flashy moments, trying them out (or some variation) in my own stories. Other writers … Read more

Sources of Inspiration: Blogging

writing journal

Every year I take part in the Blogging From AZ April project. It’s always about the same characters, only I use a slightly different theme.  This year it’s Character Origins. When did these characters come to me? What inspired them? One year it was Character Conflicts. What is the main conflict for the character in the plot? Another year it was Character Snippets. As with Rainbow Snippets, I posted six sentences of story involving these particular characters.  Every time I participate in this project, I’m reminded of these characters. I’m reminded of the stories I’ve written. Every time I learn … Read more