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NASA Asked People to Name its New Uranus Probe. It Went As Well As You’d Expect

Uranus - Deposit Photos

NASA asked for suggestions for the name of its new Uranus probe, and naturally, chaos ensued. The Uranus Orbiter and Probe is a project that NASA hopes to launch in 2030. It’s a good idea; asking the public to give that probe a name, however, is not. The mission plans to spend, as the title suggests, several years orbiting the seventh planet from the Sun. It would potentially send a probe down through its atmosphere to the surface. Full Story from Pink News

SOLAR SYSTEM: Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

Mars dust storm - NASA/JPL

Our solar system is home to some weird and wonderful weather, with storms more terrifying in scale than anything in Earth’s recorded history. From centuries-old hurricanes on Jupiter to immense winds on Neptune, if you leave Earth you’ll be shocked by what you find. On Mars you will find immense dust storms that cover the entire planet, while Venus has an incredibly thick and fast-moving atmosphere that can form permanent vortices at its poles. On Jupiter and Saturn there are some huge storms — bigger than the diameter of multiple Earths — that have raged for decades or even centuries. … Read more

Mysterious X-Rays Are Flaring Out of Uranus

Uranus - Pixabay

Subtitled: Uranus is always full of surprises. Cue the jokes. :) For the first time, astronomers have detected mysterious X-rays flaring out of Uranus. How is this happening? According to NASA scientists, Uranus is so massive that it could just be scattering X-rays given off by the sun more than a billion miles away. Or, perhaps the fine rings of dust surrounding Uranus are generating their own radiation through some unknown process. A closer study of Uranus is required to know for sure. Uranus is cold, windy and made almost entirely of ice and gas. Even though it’s enormous (with … Read more