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Discussion: Upcoming Special Topic Weeks

Young Protectors

Hey all,

We have not one, not two, but three special weeks coming up in the next three months:

GRAPHIC NOVEL WEEK: (August 25th-30th) – This is a brand new one we are just pencilling in now. We’d like to cover manga, yaoi and yuri, comic books, graphic novels, and much more. We’ve already locked in Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker, creators of the gay comic The Young Protectors.

WORLDBUILDING WEEK (September 15th-20th) – We’ll talk about all aspects of building a world for your story, including languages; alien/magical races; history and timelines; culture and politics; sex, marriage and reproduction; and tools and techniques. It should be a lot of fun – world building is one of my favorite things!

DOING IT YOURSELF WEEK (October 13th-18th) – For all our self publishers out there (and wanna be’s) – running your own press; taxes and royalties; getting your books out there; ISBN’s etc; eBooks or paperback? and much more.

So my questions today – do you know any experts in these fields who would like to stop by and share their wisdom, or are you one? Did we miss any important topics for any of these weeks? How much do you love us right now? :P

Come join the discussion.

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