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Fantasy in New Settings

beach elf

Today’s discussion topic comes from QSFer MK Mancos:

Taking Fantasy into different directions like the Australian Outback or High Sierras.

Fantasy (or at least High Fantasy) traditionally takes place in foresty settings in fantasy worlds. Then there’s urban fantasy, which is usually in a gritty city setting.

But are we leaving out a whole host of other potential settings? Where would you set a non-traditional fantasy story, and why?

1 thought on “Fantasy in New Settings”

  1. On US Navy ships in the Pacific. My Dragon Marines books are set on those. How about one of the world’s great deserts? Or the Everglades? Those would be challenging.

    Antarctica? Northern Alaska or Canada? Think of the elements the cold, ice and snow could bring to the story. A suburb of New York, Philly, DC., LA. The crowds, traffic and security concerns would pose different problems.

    There are so many places to set your tale and use your imagination. Go for it.


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