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FOR ALL: Authors Share Your Twitter Account

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Today we’re doing another share thing… authors, share a short blurb about who you are and what you do on our FB group below, and your twitter link (full link please) so we can all follow you.

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3 thoughts on “FOR ALL: Authors Share Your Twitter Account”

  1. Twitter @HarmonicEmpire

    Writing my first M/M Military Sci-Fi story.
    Expecting a release date in June 2017.

    Live in Atlanta, GA
    Love DragonCon !

    David Weber was my inspiration.

  2. I’m an author so I write and write then re-write and rewrite, then I rewrite some more. It’s not an exciting life by any means, but nothing compares to that sensation when the perfect sentence dawns. I’m on facebook and twitter (@BerganJonah) and I blog every once in a while. I play Second Life – yes, I still play Second Life in my free time, and every once in a while I’ll watch a movie. See? Exciting, right? Thanks Scott and QSF fro offering us the opportunity to allow us authors to introduce ourselves and share our social media. As always, QSF – Awesome!


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